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Interview with video artist Maxim Zhestkov

Maxim Zhestkov is a 23-year-old director, video artist, industrial, motion and graphics designer, that bases much of his work on his dreams and fantasies.

“Any composition needs to begin with one or two main elements. The smaller the elements, the greater number of them there should be. You need to start with one or two main ideas and gradually build up the smaller elements until the space becomes rich with life.”

Maxim also believes in bringing together incompatible elements. His ideas are the result of combining two or three stencils,and using existing patterns to form new ones. He lives and works in Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk, located on two rivers flowing in two different directions. "I heard there are not many places like that. I think it gives our city some additional energy." It was at the age of 6 he got his first computer ZX Spectrum,where he spent day drawing huge detailed illustrations. He was fond of playing video games which he feels probably influenced his biggest desire towards design and CG.  He pursued a degree in architecture at University but eventually realized it wasn't really for him when what he loved was to experiment. He felt that architecture would limit his ambitions so he switched to the faculty of graphics design, where he is currently studying.

How did this all begin?

It all started with 2d illustrations, that smoothly turned into 3d illustrations and spaces. Then I developed a passion for architecture and graphic design. Then I realized that the most important thing is video art

Your Inspirations?

Influenced by science, universe, infinity, fractals, black & white, space, motion, architecture, physics, sound...

Favorite Artists?

  • My favorite contemp artist is Carsten Nikolai

  • He make incredible interesting things... he compare and mixing science and art...

  • also really love his music - alvanoto.com

Plans for 2009?

Produce 3 short films... And graduate university!

You will be seeing and hearing a lot from this guy, check out his site




PMKFA Design based in Tokyo

PMKFA Design based in Tokyo