The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).


MAGA is a dj and citizen of the world. He was born in France but has spent his life traveling the world  and has lived in Cape Town, Miami and is currently based in Dubai.  His genre of music is nourished mostly by his personal exploration in ethnic and organic sounds offering a spiritual and loving vibe with the intentions to take you on a musical higher journey.  I had the pleasure of hearing him this past weekend playing alongside Satori at Deep Like and he recently got back from L.A. where he played with one of my favourite producers,  Rampue.  

Recently released set: https://soundcloud.com/getting-deeper/getting-deeper-podcast-105-mixed-by-maga

Your greatest inspirations or influences? 
There are so many talented artists out there its very difficult to say, but one of my greatest inspirations has been Tamer Malki from Bedouin, who I've been following for years and is a friend. I will soon be releasing an EP on his new label True Colors, so stay tuned. 

Most interesting gig or gigs so far and why? 
 I would say that it was a set I played at Monkey Love Camp in Burning Man. I wasn't supposed to play but the camp was run by Behrouz and he asked me to go ahead and do my thing and it was magical. An experience I will never forget and which changed the path of my career. I have so much respect for him and owe him a lot for that. 

Tell us about some of your most interesting collaborations. 

  • Very different from my sound but that left an impression are  Chancha Via Circuito-  what an unreal groove.
  • There is one very particular person that always pushed me to experiment more, an incredible dj and producer, Zone +Unbelievable. 
  • I am currently working on a live set which is taking me some time and which I hope to have ready by June , so collaborations are on hold at the moment.

How do you describe your music and how has it evolved in the past few years? 

The way I describe my sound is mainly a base of melodic electronic music with a touch of world music. I'm happy to say I feel I have finally defined my sound and I implement it in my own way. 

Favorite websites or social media handles? 
Soundcloud  is a great platform.  It also allows us to discover new artists from around the world.

Upcoming gigs that you are most looking forward to? 

  • BPM Festival (January) Playa Del Carmen - Mexico
  • Katerblau (March) Berlin - Germany
  • Afrika Burn (April) Cape Town - South Africa

Anything else you'd like to share. 

To all you music lovers, I will see you soon around the globe.