The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Dominique is a international model, from Cape Town, South Africa who spends her time traveling the world. She is a qualified nutritionist, as well as an exercise & wellness coach, and incredibly passionate about all that is well - being,  health and fitness. I met her because we've been lucky to bring her over on stay with Wilhelmina Dubai and because she is crazy about dogs, Mr. Coco obviously loves her. If she could steal him she would otherwise she would settle for a beagle if only she didn't have to travel as often for work. 
Dominique is dedicated to sharing her motivation for healthy living but has a ton of fun along the way, in fact she just came back from Afrika Burn so we asked her about her experience and this is what she had to say.

Tell us about Afrika Burn? 

Well its hard to explain it because it is such a personal experience and each person will interpret it differently. Its definitely the most magical thing I have ever experienced.  Imagine an open desert land full of amazing dance floors, activities, creative outfits and people smiling every where you turn. At night it turns into a wonderland, with bright lights in every direction. It is magical, spiritual, emotional, wonderful, and the most inspiring week that one could ever experience in a desert. . The things that you experience, learn and see are like no other. 

Seeing how people come together in unity to create such an incredible living space is truly special. Many of the theme camps and mutant vehicles come back every year so a lot of the things were familiar, but all of the structures were completely different from the previous year. The creativity that goes into this week is absolutely mind blowing. In fact I get goosebumps just thinking about it. 

{More: To really understand AfrikaBurn, you should check out the eleven principles, which act as guidelines for the event and culture. They’re not rules, or commandments, but understanding them will unlock the magic of the experience for you}.

Beauty Tips?

  • Never go to sleep with your make up on
  • Coconut oil! I swear by the stuff! Use it for body lotion, moisturizer, eye cream, mouth rinsing, everything! 

Your a health junkie what are some sites you follow religiously? 

 I’m very active on Instagram and use it for a lot of research.  Some of my favorite Instagram accounts would be:

  • @jshealth
  • @sporteluxe
  • @deliciouslyella
  • @nutritionstripped

Anything else you'd like to share Dom?

I would like to encourage everyone to visit south africa particularly in the summer season where the sun is always shining. I hope you will also head on over to www.benelibod.com & check out my first e-Book " Clean Slate" which is about detoxing your body, resetting your health and cleansing your body from the inside!  

    www.benelibod.com  @benelibody  Outlaw Models - Cape Town  Wilhelmina - Dubai  Modelwerk - Germany


www.benelibod.com @benelibody

Outlaw Models - Cape Town

Wilhelmina - Dubai

Modelwerk - Germany

The Prague Toy Museum

The Prague Toy Museum

Photographer Ziga Mihelcic

Photographer Ziga Mihelcic