The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).


Thanks to my dear friend MO kd who introduced me to Alexander and Deyan, the founders of ANDY WAS HERE, currently a T -shirt collection that will develop into a full clothing line.

The inspiration behind the name Andy Was Here, comes from the song, "Lilly Was Here" by Dave Stewart and Candy Dulfer.  In a melancholic way, thinking of someone that was here and not there anymore, brought a lot of emotions and questions to the founders. "Sometimes, the simplest things are the most powerful ones. So, Andy came out of nowhere" .

How did Andy Was Here begin?

Alexander: Considering that I’ve finished Academia Del Lusso (fashion design) and having 10 years of experience in visual merchandising, this brand came in as a part of natural process.

Deyan: At first, my aspirations didn’t lay in fashion design, since I’ve finished interactive media design (Metropoliten University). Through various conversations with Alexander, I’ve found my interest in idea to be the part of brand foundation.

What are your greatest inspirations or influences?

Alexander: I never had one inspiration or influencer; it always depends on the place and the time where I currently belong. I find the greatest moments of inspiration when I am roaming alone, with no particular aim or reason. On the other hand, cities I’ve lived in had a big influence on my aesthetic, making Milano the most influential one.

Deyan: Being a person of late hours, I’ve had my most noticeable creative breakthroughs when the silence is the loudest. I am greatly dependable on visualization, keeping me focused on all my senses as a part of every day process and partially detached from my surroundings.

Did you have a certain person or muse in mind when you created the collection?

Andy, being a fictional character, was a person who inspired us. As a question we asked ourselves “Who is Andy?”, was the initial drive for each of the collections. At one moment he was a sinner, making the collection Hope Was Here, to the journey through the universe, resulting with this latest collection The Planet. We are still looking for the answer, who is Andy…

Andy was here and you’ve just missed him.

Where can we purchase Andy Was Here?  

For now, T-shirts can be purchased through our social media accounts:

Favorite websites, publications or social media accounts?

  • Alexander: I am the fan of the social channels which are not limited to the one type of the design or art, like iGNANT.
  • Deyan: I am also oriented to more versatile channels, having a video as my favorite medium. My top pick will be Nowness.