The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



I talked to organizational expert Justin Klosky, founder of  O.C.D. Experience, a lifestyle company that brings order and simplicity through a variety of services and practiced discipline. Justin’s simplistic guidance empowers his clients to gain control of their surroundings while creating a seamless and efficient lifestyle. I asked him to give us some tips after watching a segment he did on the Anderson Cooper show. He is also co founder of  Original & Creatively Designed events which takes the O.C.D. mentality to events and ensures they are original and creatively designed.

Justin why did you start O.C.D?

O.C.D. Experience was started naturally in my life at a young age to battle my own ADHD and OCD. Like most people who suffer from ADHD, they find a need to constantly have their belongings in order to allow them to focus and concentrate in all aspects of their life. After years of personal practice and a lot of jobs helping people get their own lives and businesses in order I thought it would be fun to start a business off of my own life practices.

Growing up in South Florida in the 1980’s would seem normal for any child, but for Justin Klosky, it was everything but. Most children were playing basketball, T-Ball or some type of sport outside, but Klosky was inside either playing with his parents’ electronics, listening and making music or trying to clean and organize any chance he got. In the late 80’s taking apart broken VHS machines, tape recorders, CD players and even TV’s were a love of his. His parents frowned on this dangerous, messy and expensive past-time, but when he would fix these expensive machines and then try and sell them back to his parents and neighbors they realized they had themselves a true geek in the literal sense and a little entrepreneur.

When his parents left him at the early age of 10 to go on a vacation, Klosky decided to clean and organize his parents’ entire house inside and out, going in and out of every cabinet, closet, bathroom and even the garage to make for an easier and friendlier environment for finding things. To this day Klosky  is deemed an organizational expert having organized for some  of entertainments top players and CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies. Before his debut on the soap opera the Guiding Light, which he was contracted from 2002-2005 and his then completed degree at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2001 where he earned a BFA in Drama and a BS in Computer Applications, Klosky also was employed at Innovative Artists Talent and Literary Agency. From 1998- 2002 he moved from intern to Executive Assistant to the President and Office Manager by the age of 21. After his 5 years of employment at Innovative Artists, Klosky then started working full-time on The Guiding Light where he worked until his move to Los Angeles in the Summer of 05’. Upon his arrival in Los Angeles, Klosky was again eager to understand the business of what he was getting himself into. He was hired by Benny Medina and Jeff Pollack of Handprint Entertainment where he co-managed Pamela Anderson with Handprint partner Jeff Pollack.

Now traveling back and forth between Los Angeles and New York City for his company the O.C.D. Experience, Klosky still loves playing the latest and most advanced video game systems. He has a power knowledge of all that is tech from the past to the future up and coming trends and can make anyone’s life easier and more efficient that has an interest to become organized.

Career Highlights so far?

Some of my favorite highlights in this journey have been singing Bon Jovi’s Livin on a Prayer on The Today Show, working as a series regular on CBS’s The Guiding Light, and now being branded on Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show as his organizational expert.

3 Best Ways to get Organized for the New Year

1-Clear out the room

2-Create a functionality blueprint

3-Only replace necessities

Most interesting response to your work so far

My work always evokes unique responses and sometimes very emotional responses. It is always flattering when someone is moved by your work with them, as most of my work has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the person or company I am working with. I love helping people find functionality in their lives. Most importantly, I love letting clients see how simple making changes in their lives can be. Once you gain that trust and start making those changes every response to the O.C.D. Experience ends up being exceptional and special.

Favorite website, blogs and publications

  • I am a geek at heart and love anything to do with technology. I also like artistic voices and people who make you think differently about a subject or the world. I don’t visit too many blogs as I tend to get my news from the applications Pulse and Flipboard where you can customize the news and information you read daily.
  • Some of my favorite websites are http://www.ocd.masscouture.com/,where you can get incredible custom made shirts and clothes without braking the bank,www.susanmiller.com for the best astrology advice, www.inc.com to stay in the loop about entrepreneurs, leadership and trending businesses, and one of my newest favoriteswww.turntablekitchen.com. Don’t forgetwww.ocdexperience.com/eventsblog/ for DIY projects and insider interviews with event pros.

For anyone reading this, make 2012 a strong year by getting yourself organized and prioritizing what is truly important in your life. We all surround ourselves with hundreds of things that just take up space in our lives. Make 2012 the year to reshape, refocus and reorganize!