The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Had I gone somewhere warm and exotic for New Years, I would've surely packed  a bunch of cool, gypset style Valdez accessories! I absolutely love the brand created by Gabriela Goldbaum who graduated from Istituto Marangoni in Milan for Fashion Design. She later  moved to New York and interned for designers Zac Posen and Carlos Campos. Gabriela has always been a fan of Ecuadorian crafts so she began exploring all the different techniques used to create the products and worked closely with artisans in Ecuador to create a product that could be understood and liked by a global market.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

  • I am inspired by the energy of people and places. This might sound odd but I've come up with some great ideas in the NY subway, there is something about it that is so electric!

Favorite websites, blogs, publications?

  • My taste is very eclectic. I'm a science nerd so i visit SpaceCollective.org very often and always buy Discover Magazine and Psychology Today.
  • I also love stylelikeu.com, elle.com, Interview magazine, Vogue UK, Elle Japan and I absolutely love Ram Dass' blog.

Fashion icons in your opinion?

  • Chloe Sevigny, Daphne Guinness, Grace Kelly, Anna dello Russo, the four lovely courtin-clarins cousins, and my favorite of all Marcelo  Mastroianni

What makes Valdez different from all the other funky accessory brands out there.

Our products are hand made by artisans from indigenous communities in Ecuador, making each piece very special and unique. What makes the products special is the fact that work and development are being provided to underdeveloped communities who have their crafts as a main source of income.

Up and coming creatives we should know about? I am obssesed with Sebastian Pons, his designs are so real and full of life, cant wait to wear them!

Most interesting place you have seen a Valdez accessory? on top of a rock in Mykonos

Where can one purchase Valdez accessories?

You can purchase Valdez hats at Opening Ceremony and at thecools.com