The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



One night under the full moon a group of people including Andres and Uriel gathered to have a spiritual session in order to communicate with a legendary spirit from the other realm. Along the journey and to their surprise the spirit of Timothy Brownie made an apparition in front of the musicians commending them to continue his unfinished work. Since then, Mariano and Gonzalo joined their friends in the mission to explore the scores and musical concepts of the grand Master who is Timothy Brownie. The musical lessons passed along to the young musicians by Timothy Brownie are best described as gourmet, organic music with an electronic feel with a dash of Rooftop. At the beginning of every performance, the spirit of Timothy Brownie is called out and joins the group as the shows turns into a ritualistic dancing odyssey elevating your senses to an out of body experience.


  • Cumbre Tajin with Ruben Blades, Julieta Venegas, Lila Downs Veracruz, Mexico.
  • Opening Act for Hot Chip Mexico City
  • Show @ El imperial 
  • Timothy Brownie is chosen to be the "new emergent band" for the book Mexico Suena, a book of photographs by Gabriela Saavedra and Gabriel Rozycki about Mexican contemporary musicians, interpreters and composers that made history in the music in Mexico.
  • Opening Act for Royskopp Mexico City
  • Opening Act for Friendly Fires Mexico City
  • 3 songs where used for the acclaimed TV series "Capadocia" from HBO Latino
  • Goliath Fest with Thievery Corp., Black Eyes Peas, Justice, Calle 13, Perry Farrell
  • Jah Fest Reggae with Steel Pulse and Los Pericos

Greatest inspirations or influences?

  • Our biggest inspirations are the lessons that The Master Timothy Brownie transmits to us periodically.
  • Also, Life it’s self… the year 2012, Korean films, Miyasaki, the Zeitgeist, and Frederick Hundertwasser.

How do you describe your genre/style of music?

Organic, rooftop funk-disco-electro with a dash of Latin rhythms.

Upcoming gigs/projects going on this year?

We have been in the studio finishing songs for our up coming album to come out in the next months. The first video “Highlander” has been shot in a forest in the outskirts of Mexico City and is in post-production to be released soon.

Favorite websites/blogs/publications?

  • Cuevana.tv, pijamasurf.com, grooveshark.com,
  • orsai.es, Youporn.com, 13lunas.net, zeitgeist.com

Favorite bands/dj's/etc...

  • Justice, Thievery Corporation, José Gonzales,
  • Amadou & Mariam, Beastie Boys, Gilberto Gil, Phoenix,
  • Speed Caravane, Gustavo Cerati, The Whitest Boy alive,
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bomba Estereo, Beck, Max Rome,
  • Manu Chao, St. Germain, SuperBabyJesus,
  • 9 Latigos, and Pharoah Sanders

Anything they'd like to share with our audience

Joy, pleasure, love, harmony, through the music that invites to the dance and jump, is a meditative manifestation, collective, on movement.

Every presentation of Timothy Brownie the crowd is invited to participate actively in a communion with the band and the Master.

Eating the brownies is an active part of the celebration in a way of connecting with the band, The Master and the music.

Please eat fruits; vegetables, respect water, and most importantly respect Nature!