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I had the wonderful pleasure of spending some time with fashion stylist Lucia Tait of Coup de Coeur,recently in Mykonos. So we've decided to share what makes this place such a great summer destination. For more stylish info check out Lucia's blog and follow her on twitter.

What makes Mykonos such a great place to visit Lucia?

What makes Mykonos so fabulous is the mix of people and places. It is great for families, couples or groups of friends. There are picturesque beaches that are bohemian and laid back where you can bring a picnic lunch, beaches where the music soars, the champagne flows and the patrons dance on tables...even nudist and gay beaches! The evening hours offer a variety as well...fabulous food at any price point, and clubs that are open till dawn. There are few places as beautiful as Mykonos, and you feel spoiled every second just to be there!

Favorite restaurants?

  • For lunch, Kiki’s at Agios Sostis is a must. The view is incredible and the food is simple and fantastic (Kiki’s only serves lunch). This is definitely off the beaten path, so if you gets lost just ask someone and they will point you in the right direction.
  • Sol y Mar at Kalo Lidavi is so pretty and as we agree, has the best lobster pasta on earth!
  • Nammos at Psarou beach is the standard for the jet set. It is absolutely the chicest and most luxurious beach on the island. A note to book chairs on the beach and tables at the restaurant far in advance
  • For dinner in town, Chez Catherine is chic yet cozy and serves Greek and French favorites.
  • Uno Con Carne is an open air restaurant that was once a outdoor movie theater, which specializes in meat and seafood. At Sea Satin, the music gets louder and louder enticing dinners to dance on the tables between courses!


  • Astra is not only one of my favorite bars in Mykonos, it is one of my favorite bars EVER! It has been around for over 20 years and is still the hot spot. The crowd is gorgeous, the music is great and it has an intimate feeling both under star dotted ceiling inside and  the starry sky outside!
  • Caprice, in Little Venice, is perfect for a sunset cocktail, the waves crash in to the outdoor terrace as dusk settles on the the Aegean. Later in the evening, the indoor lounge is packed with Greeks and tourists alike.
  • Remezzo has a fabulous terrace with a great view of the town, it is perfect to book a table outside to begin the evening, taking in the view, and then move inside to dance to the latest world hits!
  • Go to Jimmy’s Gyros for a après club snack, it is an institution! Jimmy will be the one serving you most nights.


Any cute artisanal stores you loved?

  • Go to Efharis for jewelry that is more sophisticated than the average tourist stores but is still a great place to buy souvenirs for friends and family. Hot pink cords with evil eyes and tiny crosses are about 7e. There are also more fashion forward pieces to splurge on for yourself!
  • Free Shop is good for designer (think Balenciaga bags and Sacai tops), as is the boutique at Nammos.

Any other tips?

I think the joy of Mykonos is in the little things as well...perfect weather every day, Venus FM playing on the radio as you dodge ATVs and scooters cruising to the beach, stopping at the Proton market to stock up on ripe fruit, nuts and sesame, watching the sun rise, meeting new people from all over the world! More practically, one must rent a car. Also, lunch is typically taken at 4 or even 5PM and dinner around 11PM-12AM. ENJOY!!!!!!