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Interview with daniel korkhov

Daniel Korkhov has extensive experience in creating lasting brand identities in almost every industry,( more recently on major hospitality and real estate development clients), where he brings an innovative approach in putting his visual identity to life.

With a background in design, DK has created everything from marketing campaigns to identity design, print /website design and development, interactive media to email marketing.  He works with many high end clients ,( including Nike) and counsels them continuously on brand development and how to  stay on top of market trends. Born in Russia, raised in Sweden and educated in Switzerland, France and New York City, it’s no wonder that Daniel’s main strength is his global cosmopolitan reach.


DK CREATIVES is a intimate design and marketing firm based out of New York, with its diverse team of illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, marketing specialists and art directors DK CREATIVES is able to deliver the industries latest trends and techniques to life.


Inspirations I must say life it self, might sound banal but true. Someone who says different is just nit picking. As for influences def weather, it changes everything in me.

Favorite Artists?

My favorites change as I do but a few constants:

  • Pierre Winthers, Erwin Olaf and Immortal Technique are the ones I revisit regularly.

Favorite project so far and why?

I must say its Du Parc - an exclusive private residence in Switzerland. The client trusted me and I was able to nourish my inspiration with that, creating very nice quality work.  Nowadays with the whole economic craze you rarely find a client/project that puts so much trust in a creative without chopping away your concept and leaving you bare.

Dream project for you?

I have been long chasing a public city project where I could use NYC as a canvas and create something for the people by the people, involving all the segments of New York City life.

Favorite Sites/Blogs?

I love :

Some of your favorite NY spots?

Bar Pitti feeds, The Box entertains and a new addition to my list is The Lion. Otherwise a house party is always the most intimate.

Anything else you'd like to share Daniel?

Yes....stay inspired



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