The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Abstract Expressionism Priscilla Franco Asturias

Abstract Expressionism Priscilla Franco Asturias

I love these abstract and invigorating artworks by Priscilla Franco Asturias. She was born in Palm Beach and raised in Guatemala until she moved to Boston in her early teens where she discovered her passion for creating art.

Her work is displayed and forms part of private collections in Guatemala, Greece, Kuwait and the U.S. She currently resides  in Los Angeles.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

Life! Nature! Our whole existence inspires me! Every experience, every encounter, every moment leaves impressions that shape up my creative process and all that are the essence of my inspiration!

Different aspects or attributes of some of my work are influenced by Mark Rothko, Franz Klein, Jackson Pollock… but nature, mood and senses, music and harmony are some immediate factors that significantly influence how I develop my relation with the piece being created.

Other artists you admire?

I appreciate the works of

  • Rosson Crow,
  • Francoise Nielly,
  • Svein Koningen,
  • Alexander Charriol,
  • Brandi Brooks,
  • James Shilaimon …

Favorite websites/blogs:

Music you listen to?

I like a broad variety of music, though while painting, I like to listen to new age or “chill-out” music such as Schiller, Sam Popat, Oliver Shanti… music that lets me or helps me to emerge into the realm of my imagination!

Favorite art galleries?

There are so many galleries worldwide, its too hard to choose but at the moment living in LA I like Honor Fraser and David Kordansky.

Additional somethings?

For me painting is an inner state of mind where i’m actually free of all thought and just let my energy be expressed onto the canvas and rarely have the knowledge of what the outcome will be. I want to give the viewers something pure and deeper to their sight.

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