The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



ReSolute was created in late 2007 with the aim to produce events in New York that would feature some of the best upcoming EDM talent, with long event hours, in comfortable environments, incorporating artistic sound/space design. ReSolute collaborates not only with the best artists in the electronic scene,  but are known to find the talent that everyone will be talking about tomorrow and it impossible to squeeze their output into any one style or genre. Venues have included  abandoned warehouses, roof tops with panoramic views of Manhattan, tents, lofts, basements, and boats with Captains and without. Now with the experience of  50 + events, 100+ artists, and international success,  with rising expectations and new concepts,there is no way of saying where ReSolute will go next.

Nektarios, favorite ReSolute event?

Almost every single one. At each event, the reaction is typically the same-  "wow, this was the best ReSolute!" Nowadays a very good party is not enough. We are proud to say we have spoiled ourselves and people in the scene, and inspired others. We pride on the fact that ReSolute is one of the kind and not one of the rest.

However, if I must choose one in particular it would be my bday party last July, "the Boat without a Captain" that combined all the necessary ingredients for a memorable one. Or as my good friend Alexi Delano would say " the vibe was dropping from the ceiling" ! An amazing line up, original venue, ( a boat hidden in the industrial creeks of Brooklyn), special transportation arranged to the venue, 25 hour long time frame, ( not kidding), and of course the incredible people that always set up the perfect vibe.

Favorite Dj/Producers?

There are so many I'm really glad I can't name just a few.

  • As cliche as this may sound I finally realized why Ricardo Villalobos is the favorite of so many when I saw him last week at Cocoon night during Sonar.
  • Robag Wruhme from the ex Wighnomy Brothers...pffffff, what a producer.
  • Did I say Maetric??!!
  • And Elon (ReSolute's resident)...not only a great DJ, but also a producer able to switch easily sounds and be all over the place with his sound, at different periods and phases of his life/career...

Tell us what you have coming up for special 4th of July Weekend?

A 24 hour marathon, with who else but Lee Burridge, an expert on the sport! This event will have two stages-Starting off on Saturday July 3rd at Club Love;  and  Sunday Morning, July 4th, the party will continue at a as of yet to be released roof top location with panoramic view on Manhattan for the fireworks.

Up and Coming artists to check out?

Again there are plenty to mention...

  • Ahmet Sisman
  • Kink
  • Very glad we had Maetric at the beginning of our events, someone who is not a just upcoming artist anymore.
  • Looking forward for Kabuto & Koji's set on July 4th in a few days...Having released for some of the most praised labels out there, such as CocoonGet Physical, and many others, these guys are sure to continue on their road of international success.

Nek with Steven Letigre shot by Viktor Shekularatz