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Blkmarket Membership

Bosco 06.06.10

Bosco 06.06.10

Cheyenne Bosco, of Half Hawaii

Blkmarket Membership 4 Year Anniversary Closing Party

It has been 4 years since the birth of Blkmarket Membership, a team that consist's of Taimur Agha, Fahad Haider and Mehmet Erkaya. A party that had one goal, 'to bring in talent which inspires us as DJ's in the music we play.' Today after over 150 + events, Blkmarket Membership holds the reins of the techno forefront in New York. Residents Taimur Agha & Fahad Haider's vision in 2006 has developed into becoming one of  the most talked about events in North America. From boat parties to regular club nights to exclusive events at secret locations, these guys have done it all.

Most memorable blkmarket event and why?

Fahad: Wighnomy Brothers 12 hour set last year on oct 3rd in a TENT, they were suppose to play for 6 hours but during the party we found out that the tent people would be coming a day after to breakdown everything. Memo rushed to Gabor aka Robag and told him that they can play for another 6 hours. What makes this daytime party historic for us is that Wighnomy brothers announced their break up a week after this gig.


  • The Wighnomy Brothers
  • Ivan Smagghe vs. Craig Richards for my birthday 2 years ago was awesome,
  • as was Sasha & Three event, NYE with DJ Koze / Shaun Reeves vs. Ryan Crosson /Three
  • and I have to mention our 3 of the 4 4 year anniversary parties so far!
  • Pretty much every Blkmarket Membership party is just memorable in its own way for us. Just great vibe and overall people are there for the music and good times.

What makes blkmarket different from anything else going on in NY?

F: We like to challenge ourselves with new ideas for our parties, If you notice the production of the party is completely different from every night we do and we never repeat anything twice. We are very picky about who plays our party and never do favors for international or local dj's. We only invite people who we think can impress not just us but the crowd at our parties.

T: I think what we have going is probably different from anything going on in NY and also in the U.S. We both just went to the Movement Festival in Detroit and alot of new artists whom we met for the first time were telling us, "you have no idea of how people regard you in Europe. They respect your party so much and everyone wants to play it."

Favorite dj/producers?

F: So many to list here but lets start with the DJ's first Marco Carola (mixing for him is like drinking water)

  • Three, Dj Koze, Dixon, Konrad black,
  • Bill Patrick, Daniel Bell, Monkey Maffia,
  • Robag Whrume, Italoboyz and now to producers, Soulphiction,
  • Lawrence, Levon Vincent, Robag, Martin buttrich, DJ Koze.

T: Pretty much all that Fahad has mentioned plus others im into also are: Producers & DJ's such as

  • Ricardo Villalobos, Move D, Thomas Brinkmann, Ivan Smagghe,
  • Andrew Weatherall, Craig Richards, RPR Soundsystem (Pedro, Rhadoo, Raresh),
  • Zip, Roman Flugel, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Function & Sandwell District,
  • Peter Van Hoesen and Scuba just to name some more.

How come the huge increase of techno parties in such a short time, from one a month to several a week?

F: Well the formula we have seems to work so that's one of the reason why we have increased the amount of techno parties in New York by that I mean all three of us (Taimur, Fahad & Memo) we get along really well. Every one has a task assigned which is done smoothly without even any arguments, I think this is important and gives us room to play around alot more.

T: New York scene's is booming right now and more and more people are understanding the music, the lineups, and do their research in the music. It mean's alot that people are actually doing their research prior to coming to the events, and not chin stroking like back in the day. Its good to see that on one weekend you have 4 parties by different promoters, and all of them are doing well.

Challenges of organizing the events?

F: The most challenging part starts from matching artist for the night, Me and Taimur take a lot of time before we take a decision to add anyone to a certain night, apart from that discussing how we should decide on the production part of the party, we are definetly not running out of ideas but sometimes cost for certain things can create little confusion among us. Taking care of 3 to 4 artist on one night can be challenging also, starting from airline ticket purchase, pick up from airport, hotel, sound check and making sure everybody is happy during the gig.

T: Most important thing for us is finding the right place with the right lineup and the correct sound.

Upcoming sets to look forward to this summer?

F: I can't give you exact dates but  some of the confirmed artist who are coming this year to play blkmarket.

  • Soulphiction, Solumun, Chaton, Andre Gazzulli, Wareika (live), Tobias live,
  • Mara Trax, Roman Flugel, Jennifer Cardini, Scuba, Petre Insperescu,
  • Margaret Dygas, Pan-pot, Robag Wruhme, Nina Kraviz, Seuil live

T: Also we have

  • Deetron, Dyed Soundorom, Thomas Brinkmann,
  • DVS1, Hearthrob live, Koze just to name a few more.

Anything else you'd both like to share with our audience?

T: Fahad and myself are pretty happy with our DJ residency in New York. Its been a great 4 years and both of us have brought alot of the world's best acts out there right now to our own doorstep in the city we love. Playing alongside them and watching the different styles each artist brings, as well as hearing the different musical tastes has really developed us as artists and in what we play. If you believe in something, you should pursue it no matter what it takes. Looking at Blkmarket Membership today, we really are pleased with where we have come to in those 4 years. Last but not least, keep on the look out for our new record label coming out by the end of this year!



Cheyenne Bosco

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