The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Little Plastic Horses- Photoblog

I ♥  Little Plastic Horses

Cat started her blog Little Plastic Horses because she  wanted to post pictures. She had been saving them for years, but never really knew what to do with them.  She got inspired  with other blogs such as Stardust and Sequins and Studded Hearts and decided to make her own.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

Music and boys. While music inspires the posts themselves: the flow, titles, text; boys inspire me in they effortless way they dress.

How do you explain the power of blogging these days?

I find that there is a tremendous pull in what is fashion forward versus what is not being spoken, loud and clear through the blogosphere. We (bloggers who post photos from fashion editorials, models, celebrities and just plain inspirational photography) tend to gravitate towards the same "voice" and it shows.

Artists you love?

  • Hedi Slimane,
  • Bruno Dayan,
  • Chris Heads,
  • Bec Parsons,
  • Dave MacGillivray,
  • David Shama
  • Skullset,
  • Tommy Tom,
  • Michael Oats,
  • The Cobrasnake.

They capture both the style, the aura and the moment. (Links all in the sidebar on my blog under Photography.)

Music you share? anything new we should be listening to?

Right now I'm on a Julian Casablancas rampage.. strokes and his first solo debut album. I also thump out to Trey Songz, Drake, Rihanna, One Republic, Death in Vegas and Train.

Your top 3 favorite sites/blogs?

  • Studded Hearts (she posts the most incredible photos, always unexpected, in high quality and beautiful. She's quippy with her titles too!)
  • Fashion Chalet (with a passion for all things Fashion this real girl shares her daily style- which I'm constantly inspired by, favorite foods, song of the moment and the gnarliest Collage/Muse boards on the web!)
  • Stardust and Sequins (whose posts are like miniature little stories that may or may not connect to her true life but go so perfectly well with the accompanied photographs and equally creative titles!)

Tips for anyone planning to start a blog now?

Keep it fresh, update as often as you can (readers like at least 2 new posts a week) and focus on your loves, don't carbon copy - make it your own.

Anything else youd like to share with our audience?

Every reader and commenter of Little Plastic Horses motivate my updates. I couldn't be happier with all of the support! Thank you.

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