The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Electro Wars

Luke Vicious (www.lukevicious.com)

It is unquestionable that the Electro genre has reached a broader American audience in the last two years. Director Stephen Vasquez is determined to document the scene and its participants, show the inner workings of the genre and what it will eventually evolve into. The notion to document this genre was conceived in 2008 after reading a blog post with the same title 'Electro Wars' featured on the Hipster Runoff. The post was a sarcastic outlook on electro/house artists. It seems that every other day a new remix is popping up on the blogosphere, how does this affect marketing for other independent artists? Do they welcome the remixes or oppose them? Is music overload possible? What will eventually happen when all these budding producers grab a hold of a Pro Tools tutorial and develop their own remixes week in and week out? Will the remix itself become obsolete? Will original tracks have to step up to the forefront rather than recede into the background? Themes of this nature are explored in this documentary.

Greatest Challenges Stephen?

Almost everything in regards to the production of this film was a challenge. There were so many hurdles to overcome that I can't really single out anything in particular moment or event.

How did you get interested in the subject for this film?

Electronic music has always intrigued me, even as a kid. I knew however that the genre was so big that I could never get into it because of its complexity. I realized as a I got older that it was a genre of music I wanted to explore, I decided to do this through film. How do you think Electronic Music is changing?

EDM is changing for the better, I think. Because it is being infused with other cultural blends and styles, this will allow the genre to evolve, especially in the United States the quintessential melting pot.

What do you think the audience will enjoy most about the film?

The intimacy and the close personal connection with the artists in the film. The artists knew we are an independent production, because of this they felt comfortable in expressing themselves freely without any sort of filter. Some of them probably thought this film would never see the light of the day.

I HEART Pavon NYC by Luz & Victoria

In Dialogue and Art by Matt Jones