The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




Shoddy Lynn is a Hollywood based DJ/Producer that plays primarily techno/minimal, which her friends call EMO MINIMAL. She calls it bouncy techno.

She's played along side some of the biggest names in the industry from Sander K, to Mike Monday and started dj-ing after seeing Danny Tenaglia play at Pacha NY. After that experience her life turned upside down and she became obsessed with electronic music. At the beginning she started playing alot of indy rock and electro fused house until she discovered the world of dark techno.

Shoddy recently co produced her first album AVANT PUNK, which is out on itunes now, under IMPAKT records and is continuing to release music every day so we highly suggest you check it out.

Highlights so far?

Highlights have been traveling and djing in places like Dubai and Miami and playing for crowds that love to hear my sound. Also, seeing the techno scene in LA grow with new parties and events taking over the town. I feel like LA is the new Ibiza. I can't wait for this summer and what LA has in store for its electronic music lovers.

Inspirations or influences?

I am influenced by clubs in general, the lights, sounds and amazing sound systems. I make music for big speakers...so every club influences my production skills and djing techniques.

Best part of wmc 09?

Djing at the Catalina for a day party. Meeting so many amazing djs that i usually just listen to and play their tracks, being able to share a drink with them and talk to them about the weather or whatever comes out at that moment. Miami brings everyone in one place for one week. its amazing that music can bring everyone to one spot to just chill out and hang with one another. Being surrounded by good vibes and good music for one week is always a blessing.

Favorite dj's ?

  • Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, & Danny Tenaglia.

They all know how to educate and open your eyes and ears to a sound you may never thought could exist. They are always thinking 10 steps ahead, they don't abide by the rules. Rules SUCK! Sven plays records from 10 years ago, Richie knows how to ease anyone into techno. Danny is just Danny. You can't beat doing the soul train at 9am in the morning with a bunch of Studio 54 dropouts.

Favorite venues in the world?

  • Cielo NY, best sound, best vibe.

  • Fabric London, sound sound sound!

  • in LA, id have to say Avalon, the sound there is epic. Its all about the music for them, and that makes me happy.

Favorite tracks of all time?

that is a VERY hard one. I don't think i could say of all time, because its ever changing, but right now I'm pretty addicted to Drawing-Revisited by Ben Klock and Marcel Dettmann, i also love all Guy Gerbers new stuff, its very melodic and big room techno with killer subs and that euphoric feeling that makes you just let go on the dance floor. I also just found a Bootleg Doors THE END track by Riva Starr its a killer. My favorites are always changing, so just keep up with my charts and that will give you a good idea of overall sound.

Dream collaboration for you?

Shoddy Lynn and Danny Tenaglia feat. Radiohead or Toy Dolls

hahaha that would  be amazing!

Plans for 2009?

Continue creating music, work with djs and labels.

Working on the music scene here in LA directly with people such as Compression and Droog, bringing minimal techno to LA in a BIG WAY. Travel, play in Europe hopefully soon. Working on finishing a full length album with Skyler (SHDWPLAY) my production partner. A 10-13 track album with alot of vocals and dark analog techno that no ones ever heard before. Very "EMO MINIMAL"

Oh and fast forward a couple of years guys, and this happened. https://www.inc.com/burt-helm/built-from-passion-dolls-kill.html



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