The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).


Charrish Ferguson isdendoo, a graphic designer/illustrator living in the Caribbean. Dendoo is her creative side, a reflection of her fun, girly and bubbly personality which started as a form of expression of herself. Dendoo comes alive in the form of illustration and her work can be seen in t-shirts, greeting cards, and prints ( check out redbubble.com). Her work has been included in pdf magazines, magazine covers, art exhibitions, and has won an award. Her current challenge is to continue doing what she loves and to continue to bring more people into her world. I want to remind our audience that I carefully pick everyone we profile on ninu nina, and finding dendoo was a real treat for me.

What are your inspirations? Japan is a huge inspiration. I don't pull from the obvious but I do appreciate the entire lifestyle, culture and atmosphere that makes up Japan. I often hear the comment, "Your work would be so big over there." Maybe it would, I won't complain if it is. Another inspiration would have to be other artists because they push you to want to put out your best. If you have an artist who is an idol, maybe someone with a similar story to yours then you want to work hard to get to that level. Other artists inspire me be a better me, not to be them but to totally improve upon me. My last inspiration would have to be females. I really only draw females and I love to watch women / girls in everyday life and I take notes if one is wearing a wicked shoe with a skirt, if someone is posing a certain way. Real life females rock my socks off.
What would be a dream project for you? There are so many. I dream of dream projects. I would love to be able to supply illustrations for top magazines, companies; from things to possibly shoes, bags, clothing, skateboards, phone covers to crazy things like cars, airplanes, even a tricked out welcome home sign for Obama after he's been abroad. I'd like to be able to travel to different events, be able to meet fans at events, have someone ask "can you sign my [fill in the blank]. I'd really like to make illustrating my career. When I'm at work I only think of making art. I think it's only natural then for illustration / dendoo to be my full time job. Every project is a dream project though.

Challenges of what you do? I have unique challenges. If you live in a big city you are blessed in my eyes. It's very tough to find out about events and the like from where I live. Yes, there's Internet but it would be nice to go visit art shows, it would be nice to be able to meet up with other artists, it would be nice to have cheaper shipping, to have places of real inspiration around you, places that speak to you. I get some inspiration from the beach but the beach doesn't really apply to my style, shipping from here costs three arms, a leg and half a nose, and it's really hard to connect with the illustration / design world. The world we know, the fun funky world. The few designers that are here are mostly men in their late 30's, early 40's who design brochures for people to come to the beach....they're not really drawing women with lines for hair. I feel disconnected and it gets really discouraging but hey, I'm doing this interview right? So I must be hanging in there.

Favorite artists? I don't really have a favourite but I do admire Audrey Kawasaki. I would have to say she has her stuff together, or so it seems. Her artwork is phenom, it's unique, she was smart and put herself in a style that is very recognizable. Plus I imagine she would be very nice and easy to talk to. Also I love how her girls seem really feminine.

Favorite websites? My website because it's mine and it has my girlies!

  • I'm recently loving Gala Darling's site cause it's funky,
  • I love xiaobaosg's site cause he has crazy illo skills,
  • Honor Bowden has a pretty site,
  • I really like my girl D.U.R.A's blog cause she's struggling to make it like I am, there's my homeboy Quan cause he posts rad pics of his life

Plans for 2009? Hmmmm....like I mentioned before, I am really focusing on getting dendoo out there this year. I see other artists with similar styles in magazines, in all the places I think dendoo can be and I am really focused on getting off my bum and making sure I can get there too. See, it all goes back to how I feel other artists are inspirations. I see everyone doing things and I know I can do those things too. This year is all about putting effort in, making connections, being bold. I know I might not get in every magazine in 2009, but this is the year of making an effort. The big push. Also, this year I want to be happy and make new friends.


Dan Lisowski Art & Illustration

Dan Lisowski Art & Illustration