The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



VJZARIA is a renowned duo of visual artists from brazil based in dubai since 2012. vinicius luz and edgar salmen have been working together on video mapping, live and generative projections, immersive and light installations, digital architecture and graffiti, stereoscopy, dome projections, 360 Filming, 3d production and as vj's for over a decade. the award- winning duo have worked on projects in more than 20 countries. 

Tell us more about yourself VInicius.

I started my artistic life directing movies in Brazil during my audiovisual university. At the same time i was doing my live visuals with some short movies i produced in my own club and some other open air parties in a small city close to São Paulo. My movies always had a very political view so when my baby was born, i left the stressful world of cinema and focused more on video art.

I continued to direct and write movies until 2008 when I did my first film and then after i focused my energy in motion Graphics, Live Cinema, VJing and Video Mapping. As VJ, i've been in the most important visual festivals in the world learning from the masters in the field.  Last year i finish my second post graduation in Venice- Italy, focused in Digital Architecture, so now i work in 2 different but similar worlds.

greatest inspirations or influences?

There are so many ; 

  • Nam June Paik , Bill Viola, H.R. Giger, 
  • Andy Lomas,  Joanie Lemercier , Laszlo Bordos,
  • United VJs, Kanaka project

what are some of the projects you have worked on in Dubai so far?

In Dubai i work mostly with live light and visuals for parties and architecture design for events and clubs. I designed one immersive spa in Midriff, with dome projection and a interactive 8k video wall with mapping.

  • I Started in Dubai doing light and visuals for the O2 night club. I did the light and visual design in VII club,  the visuals for Groove on the Grass, Karak beats, Plus Minus arena,  the first 3D stereoscopic shows in Dubai night life and so many other music events. 
  • As well as So many video mapping projects including the Red Bull Curates.
  • Corporate projects like DEWA and ADIB, option1world.com 

Most interesting response you've heard so far about your work?

  • International prizes are of course motivating for us. The first time in Europe was in the final of the first 3D mapping Trophy in Paris when we got the second prize. One year later we got the first prize in Rome in the first Best Live Mapping contest  in the VJ Torna competition. After that, we been finalist and got prizes in all editions we participated, but last year the highlight came with the 2 most important video mapping contest in the world. Vjzaria got 15K euros for the first prize in Germany for the Genius Loci Weimar. Two months later we got the Juri prize in Japan at the Niigata VideoMapping Contest. 
  • The chance to participate performing live and producing the visuals for the “Nutcracker" for the Bolshoi Ballet was a really nice experience as well. 

what is burning man?

Burning man is a volcano in eruption for underground art and music in the world. It’s more than a festival, it’s a unique life experience for artists.

What is the upcoming art project you are working on for BM?

This project is a continuation of the first Brazilian installation in the 20 years of festival. Last year, Daniel Devas, who works with fire, water and motors to make crazy ignitions installations, invited me to work in a project called mangueira.  This year we are gonna use the same structure to create a new concept.

the project will be a music machine that interacts with lights Creating a capoeira melody. The structure is a tunnel that rotates and when u walk inside the bridge you will be immersed in the movement, lights and music. 

How do you stay inspired?

by learning something new and creating work that is different.  Dubai is a nice place to get inspired by the architecture and by the multi culture, but you will see too much of the same here specially in arts. In arts,  i believe we are centuries late.

I see too much investment in traditional paintings for fake walls but few for new digital and contemporary arts. I also don’t listen to much original music production here. On occasions i feel the lack of innovation here or a focus on targets rather than art, which is one of the reasons i'm here. i hope to bring something new and be part of the growing culture.  

any websites or social media handles you follow?

Anything else you would like to share?

I want to share love and art!