The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Viken Arman @SBCLTR

Viken Arman @SBCLTR

There is so much is going on musically in dubai that its hard to make plans with such an impressive lineup of both popular and underground DJ's who are coming from all over the world, as well as local talent, to play at venues like El Chiringuito, Blue Marlin, and parties like our favorite Deep LikeBedouin Tech, Analog Room, Groove on the Grass, and All Day I Dream-  (season closing party in dubai this saturday with lee burridge, viken arman and yokoo). So it was pretty serendipitous to have the opportunity to interview and feature my musical twin in L.A. to discuss similar events happening on that side of the world as well as the launch of Kaynouna here in dubai.  

Anita Yardemian is part of SBCLTR, an L.A. based music platform. Her parents are from Lebanon but she was born and raised in L.A. She grew up listening to Led Zeppelin and the Bee Gees, studied Fashion Marketing and Communication and has worked in PR representing many luxury brands including Tom Ford and Gucci to currently being the PR for luxury watch retailer Westime, Richard Mille in the Americas, Audemars Piguet on the West Coast and Hublot boutiques in California.  In 2006 she went to Coachella and started going to house nightclubs until she got hooked to dance music.  She met the founders of SBCLTR (Patrik Khachatourian, and Roni Mehrabian) and upon discussing their vision she jumped on board as PR and landed their first editorial on LA Weekly, that was a powerful story to them because it represented SBCLTR and the music that defined the moment.


What is SBCLTR?

SBCLTR is an ongoing series of meticulously curated parties in Los Angeles. Patrik and Roni use their gifted set of ears to select unique DJS from AROUND the world, shower them with love, and put them on a stage in front of an audience who soak it all in. Each event is highly conceptualized in production, sound, design, location, and creative collaborations to fulfill a sophisticated underground experience.. SBCLTR encourages artistic expression allowing talent to breakthrough, some having very successful LA debuts, and is an outlet for creative ingenuity.

Anita your greatest inspirations or influences?

  • My family, my friends, my Armenian and Lebanese culture.

  • Los Angeles, Google, Hedi Slimane – a daring visionary

  • Freddy Mercury, Basquiat,

  • The Rake, Mert and Marcus,

  • Beyoncé – in a genre that can be so unimpressive she constantly recreates herself,

  • John Digweed – he’s focused and so good at everything he does, reactive goosebumps,

  • Inspiration is everywhere, I make my own.

A defining memory from a musical experience that perhaps changed you or will go down in the books for being the best?

One night futurist designer Heather Shaw transformed a downtown LA rooftop into a multidimensional, fully-immersive experience. It was a representation of technology’s evolution from analog to digital and its impact on human connection. Inside of a four-story cube a live chamber ensemble and two DJ’s performed. With the touch of our hands the cube transformed into Pink Floyd-like visuals, the music synched with the animations and everything felt connected, as if we were moving towards the future as one. The experience of sound and sight was mind bending. 

Favorite websites, blogs or instagram handles?

  • Reddit, The Impression, Vogue Runway, RA, Hypebeast, WWD

  • @aureta – she kills it

  • @thesartorialist – celebrates highs and lows of street culture

  • @derekblasberg – his wit, innuendos, and narrative is so effortless

  • @taleofclubs – crowd sourced raw footage of international parties

Upcoming events you are working on? 

  • Patrik Khach Middle East debut at Kaynouna ( Jumeirah Creekside Hotel - The Secret Garden) : The Intro will be on April 21st in Dubai, this is not to be missed ( also with Shkoon + Z0ne + )

  • SBCLTR L.A. summer season begins on June 17 with some of our favorite boys headlining, picks up again on August 19, then upon returning from Burning Man we will host our annual decompression party with a VERY special twist on September 16. Follow SBCLTR to know what’s about to be revealed. It’s wild. @sbcltr_la

Artists we should know about?

How is L.A developing or changing musically?

LA is the place of the moment – the entire arts landscape is shifting and elevating and the city is feeding off each other’s creativity. Musically, the boundaries are being stretched allowing more room for the underground to be recognized in high regards. Truth is, the underground is a huge influence on mainstream and it’s fascinating to witness that acceptance. We’re living in a juxtaposition of the two worlds, conversations are denser and similar likings are finding safe havens encouraging self-expression.

 Anything else you would like to share?

Each member of SBCLTR strives to be the best version of ourselves, to leave a positive impact on the community we create and those we’re lucky enough to work with. When you do what you love and live your passion, it leads to people who speak your same language and everything falls into place. We’ve set a new benchmark in the consumption of quality underground dance music, being ranked by insiders as tastemakers, and the tremendous support is fuel to fire our next series. We’re making some beautiful magic along the way to a lifetime of memories.