The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




Kim Mee Hye designs innovative jewellery pieces she always dreamed of wearing herself, which can be described as geometrical, striking, playful and bold. Her collections are made using only the finest materials and are carefully handcrafted in Antwerp, Belgium. 

The designer studied communications but always knew she would eventually get into the creative field.  What she enjoys the most of creating her own brand, is developing the brand universe, by completing an entire story around the products based on the DNA of the brand. " Today the visual aesthetic is just as important as the product itself" says the designer. Part of creating the brand universe involves the communication between all kinds of creative talent, from photographers, graphic designers, models, other designers and even architects. 

We try to be non-conventional in our way to define what luxury should be. We are very minimalistic in a sense but also very precious by the refined materials and the diamonds we use. I am talking about a form of freedom, by showing or not showing the diamonds, by playing with symbols.

What are your greatest inspirations or influences?

For sure, architecture. I love to pick up forms and curves from houses and buildings I see all around me. I love the idea to integrate design in a landscape. I think it is the same for a piece of jewelery. It has to suit the body of the person who wears it perfectly.  

I think my jewels are very simple at first glance, always a mixture between lines and curves. The sophistication is given by a subtle mechanism that allow the jewels to embrace the body.

Tell us a little bit about your creative process? 

I started Kim Mee Hye with the idea to create the jewelry of my dreams. This brand is very personal. I am surrounded by very strong and talented women who inspire me. Today KMH’s woman defines her idea of luxury by how free they decide to feel within their environment and this attitude inspires me.  After defining the line of the new collection we work hard to make them as comfortable and as genuine. Finding the right mechanism or system that makes them unique and sometimes, some pieces can take over 6 months to create.  Each piece has to be perfect in order to reflect our DNA. 

Favorite publications, websites or social media handles?

Instagram as I can very easily discover things which can also disappear just as quickly. It also connects me to a variety of eclectic accounts which I follow:

Instagram is like a mini platform curated by people and brands that can tell us a lot about what they like or want to share with others. This leads us to discover new brands, and creatives. 

I also travel a lot and love to stop by libraries specialized in design/fashion/architecture and have a look at the local magazines and books for inspiration. 

What has been a career highlight for you so far? 

I started this brand with a lot of beautiful, very personal accomplishments. As from today on, this path is still a long one to go and I do not yet see this as a real career, I see this as a succession of great experiences.  I hope in a few years to discuss this again together.