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Interview with Nessy Khem

Interview with Nessy Khem

Eyewear designer Nessy Khem

Nessy Khem is not just an amazing person, she is a force.

Her presence is magnetic, and I’m not sure how she does it but she’s always aware of how everyone in the room is feeling and is always there for her friends. I knew her before she started designing her stunning eyewear collection, and always knew she would create something that would not only be extremely creative, but something unique and special.

How did you start your brand Nessy Khem?

Nessy is the nickname for Nesrine. I come from a very diverse background, born and raised in France; My father is Tunisian, and my mother is Moroccan. I’ve loved fashion from a young age, but my passion for it developed more and more  living and studying in New York City, where style is just at your window. NY exposed me to an even more eclectic style. 

 In 2018, I decided to create Nessy Khem, and I wanted my designs to be specifically handcrafted in Japan. 

When I first began creating the concept for my brand, quality was always the focus.  I began thinking about my closet and how you build it. You have your basic pieces ( what I call primary of fashion) and then you add exclusive pieces..  This is how my first collection “Never Dies” came about,  classic frames in gold, silver and black with the added touch of the silver chain. 

greatest inspirations and influences?

My greatest inspirations are the streets of the world, films, singers,performers .

My favorite designers are: 

  • Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, and Pierre Cardin.

and I am always looking forward to a proper dress up event, My Favorite place to do it is Burning Man for 8 years now.

Favorite websites, blogs, or magazine publications? 

How is Nessy Khem in terms of design and production different from others in the market? 

In question of design, my first thought was for  whom am I designing these collections. The response has always been the same, they’re  for everyone.  All my collections will be unisex. 

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

I am really excited to see what I can create and evolve as a designer.  We have access to so much culture, it constantly inspires me. The world is in total fusion of style and I hope I can be a good contribution to it. 

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