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Interview with rising star in the German House scene, Fejká ahead of his album release, Reunion in September.

Fejká is 23 year old Music Producer and Filmmaker from Stuttgart in South Germany. His fascination for music began quite early when at the age of 17 he started to produce own songs. His sound could be described as atmospheric deep house and has various influences between techno to pop music. His first song “Moonlight“ got discovered quite early by Christian Löffler who invited him to his label Ki Records. Finally, after celebrating career highlights like being featured on Spotifys “Electronic Rising“ Playlist Cover or in Paris Fashion Week with only 6 released songs, Fejká is taking the long awaited step to release his highly anticipated Debut Album and accompany Christian Löffler on his big EU Tour in the end of 2019. I had the opportunity to listen to it, and it really is just a stunning piece of work, very nostalgic and pure, exploring sounds that are at once ethereal and dynamic, celestial but also grounded on the dancefloor. In his new album, he moves the listener through his own personal journey, through his own experiences which gain color in the videos that he shoots and produces.

Life is too diverse to be only portrayed by one soundstyle, its a collection of my life and the sum of all the ups and downs.

Greatest inspirations and influences?

My biggest inspirations and influences referring to artists are Christian Löffler, HVOB and Kiasmos. The deeper influences of my musical mindest are lying deeply in my everyday life, like watching movies, reading books or traveling.

Tell us about your experience in Finland, spending time in the North of Europe for inspiration, thoughts that came to mind, challenges, etc.

I’ve been feeling attracted to the north for a very long time because I was curious how it feels to live there for a longer time. It felt very relaxed to live there. You don’t have that much contact to People like you do in middle European Cities which let’s you focus on other aspects of life and allows you to live in a more self reflective way.

You are a visual artist as well, tell us about your creative process behind the video Svanur. how long did it take to shoot, edit, etc.

I mixed video clips I shot in Finland and Norway with video clips from friends who shot an amazing timelapse movie about Iceland. My goal was to trigger the same fascination about the North European nature which I experienced.

What do you expect audiences will feel when they listen to your album?

I don’t have any expectations. I produce my songs like I would like to listen to them. Once they are finished, it’s interesting to see how differently people react to the songs so I just let the magic happen and watch the audience.

Favourite websites, publications or social media handles?

In my teenage years following music channels like Majestic Casual or MrSuicidesheep and browsing through Soundcloud. Nowadays, I like to discover visual artists via instagram or new music artists via Spotify’s algorithms but I don’t really search that much for new music like I did before as I spend a lot of time with my own projects.

Anything else you'd like to share with our audience?

I think people should live a more self expressive life and stop caring about what others might think. Doing art in any kind of business or enjoying creativity in general is something very natural and we should be proud of it, not afraid. The focus should always be to feel happy about creating something out of nothing and not about feeling hurt about someones opinion.