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One of the first posts I did when I started this site, was an interview with Charlotte Collard, an international model who was always traveling and exploring the world ( its been one of my most popular posts till today). Fast forward to present time Charlotte has gone from fashion model to entrepreneur to mommy  and Instagram's most fashionable foodie.  I wanted to catch up with her this time to discuss how she chose to link food and fashion with her idea of bringing glamour, and an eye for pretty details in her kitchen. 

Charlotte, we are so happy to have you back, tell us what are some of the highlights of things you've done since the last interview?

I have been through a lot of changes; becoming a mother of three in two years, went through the tech business and started two years ago a fashion and food project.

Charlotte Collard's Kitchen

 How did you become " instagram's most fashionable foodie" ?  

It all started as a Self Portrait, I had to take a few weeks off to rethink about my career after I became mother of three girls based in Brussels. It had to do with who I am and where I am living. It all started when looking inside of myself and listening to what I love besides all my passions. I, then, started to listen to my heart which is cooking, giving good, sharing and added the brain on top by not willing to give up the fashion world. After now 20 years of experiences in this world that I deeply love, I had to take it with me on board. I then one day shot a bag with fruits in it and posted it on Instagram. I understood at that moment when crossing networks I will develop both of the networks in each other's audience. I then started to think and understood all the potential for these two networks (fashion & food) to be together.

What is a typical day like for you? 

Always crazy, as a mother of three and a wife, the days are really short and intense. You've got to be extremely organized in order to maximise your day.

Favorite websites or other social media handles you like to follow. 

 If you had to pick three recipes you can't live without?

Breads, Spaghetti Vongole,  and my crab salad

What inspires or influences you the most today? 

I get inspired from anything I see and that attracts my eyes.

My eyes are like a vacuum and then all I get into my eyes is processed by my brain and translated by any technique I have learned thanks to my experiences #youknowwhatimean ;)))

Anything else you would like to share?

Recently I have started to cook with the best Chefs; " LEARN FROM THE BEST, COOK WITH A CHEF; RECOOK " The idea is to choose together with the chef a recipe that he will teach me and I will have to recook it.  #charlottecollardRecook.

I have done the first one with Chocolate Master Pierre Maroclini. I believe Chefs are masters fighting for the good and helping artisan to survive. I have also found the best way to learn as it is impossible for me to attend cooking school with my busy schedule.

Cover photography Zoe Fidji

Charlotte Collard In Her Kitchen


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