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Today I am excited to present our first contributor, Virginia Villari, editor of wwww.enjoytheride.info.  Virginia, one of my oldest friends from New York, interviewed one of our favorite musical acts, AUDIOFLY for the new series “Music on the Go.” 


Interview Virginia Villari


DJs travel a lot. They’re among the people who travel most frequently, sometimes even twice in one night. They might play in a location and, a few hours later, they’re on a flight to another country. We are used to seeing them in stage mode at clubs and festivals, before huge crowds. But how are DJs when they get off the decks, in their private traveling routines and out of the spotlight? Today I discuss travel tips with  Luca and Anthony aka Audiofly (Get Physical Music, Kindisch), a Barcelona-based duo known for their ritual-like nomadic party Flying Circus – which they’ve been throwing in hundreds of cities across the globe for over a decade. 

Virginia: Where were you before this interview? Where are you now and where will you be next?

Anthony: Just arrived back in our home Barcelona from a Flying Circus show in New York... And this Friday we head off to Marrakech…

Luca: Zurich, Venice, Dubai.

V: Your airport dress code?

A: Cool but comfortable, its all about feeling like you’re in your pijamas but ready for anything!

L: Comfortable but always with a certain style

V: Sleep or movie when flying?

A: Seen everything grrrrrrr and I just can't sleep!! 

L: I do both.

V: Preferred airline?

A: That's both an easy and tough question...I love Emirates but that only works in certain directions and places around the world....it's kind of regional.

L: Air France or Turkish

V: Airport favorite food (for lack of a better choice…)?

A: I think I have tried every mozzarella Panini in every airport around the world...there's almost a book in there somewhere!! Generally all airport food is a waste of time digesting it but you gotta eat sometimes...I like to pretend that the mozzarella is from Italy everywhere I go, rather than face the uncomfortable truth about it!!

L: Panini (where available)

V: Do you listen to music when you travel? If yes, what kind?

A: I listen to anything other than dance music when we travel and it depends on the mood...It'll go from Abdul Mogard (ambient master) to John (or Alice) Coltrane...through Ann Peebles to D'Angelo... I’m all about getting inspiration from everywhere else.

L: Yes, a selection of music I will play later at the show.

V: What bothers you about airports nowadays?

A: Almost everything!! We have definitely left the golden age of air travel, and on top if that an airport has become one giant shop. I think airports should invest a little more in our comfort and relaxation and stop going for our pockets all the time, but it's all about profits in the end…

L: Long queues. But much less than they bothered me before. Knowing what I know today I try not to be bothered by anything as anything might happen.

V: Your jet lag remedy?

A: I have no body clock left, after so many years of this...I just sleep when I can for however long I can and am just grateful for however long it was heheh. Also Yoga and meditation can help depending on how hellish the jet lag is.

L: A good sleep as soon as I land.

V: Tell us a place you've never been to before and can’t wait to go to?

A: New Zealand , Madagascar, Cambodia...there's a list actually!

L: Thailand. Bucket list for 2018.

V: A PLACE YOU HAVE NO to go to?

A: I dunno...anywhere too industrial kinda makes me feel a little out of my comfort zone, but if we are talking short term, nowhere! I just love to travel and see everything. How other people live, where and why...it kind of makes me tick...Now Long term...there's another list!

L: I think everywhere has something to see.

 V: Best part of a traveling lifestyle?

A: Seeing friends on the road, always seeing new things, touring with my best mate and probably best of all...coming home!

L: Meeting a variety of different cultures, different than yours. It kills any prejudice you might have.

 V: The place you go to again and again?A: Tulum, Mexico. We've been there so much, so many times over the years. I remember that beach when it was just you, a stray dog and the pelicans. It's changed a lot over the years...but it will always be a go to!

L: Tulum. For better or worse :D :D

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Audiofly is going to play around a lot this month check out their upcoming schedule:

  • Sat Dec 9 | Auslage, Vienna

  • Sat Dec 16 | Heart, Miami

  • Fri Dec 22 | Public Works, SF

  • Sat Dec 23 | Union, LA

  • Thu De 28 | Warung Beach Club, Brazil

  • Fr Dec 29 | Cafe de la Musique, Troncoso, Brazil

  • Sun Dec 31 | Flying Circus presents NYE, Tulum Mexico