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Photographer Ziga Mihelcic

Photographer Ziga Mihelcic

Ziga Mihelcic, is a fashion photographer originally from slovenia, who has shot with magazines worldwide, currently living and working in dubai. 

How did you get into photography Ziga?

It happened one boring winter day back in my college days. My mother noticed that I had nothing to do so she suggested that I take few photos of my sister who was modeling at the time. I turned her room into an improvised studio by removing the wardrobe and got all the lights I could find in our house even though I had no idea what I should even do with them. So without any knowledge of the basics of photography I shot some photos of my sister. Once I uploaded the photos on my computer I was amazed as to what I could do with post edit using some simple tools. From there I just began taking more and more photos of my sister and friends until finally I got noticed by a few model agencies who asked me to test.   Once I began shooting for magazines I established my passion for this industry and in particular for fashion photography and have only my mother to thank for that accidental start.

Ziga what are your greatest inspirations?

The following photographers -

I also get inspired by beautiful locations, models, a particular look or style can inspire me  and well of course art. In fact anything can trigger an inspiration, it is all around. 

Most interesting or favorite photo shoot so far? 

Well every shoot is a different story so its impossible to have a favorite.  Many times things can go wrong on set, but the growing curve helps me only to get better and to grow as a photographer. This is actually one of the best parts of my job, the learning process.  

What would be a dream project for you? 

To continue shooting for the best fashion magazines that allow creative expression, to work on campaigns for big brands and to shoot iconic celebrities, e.g Annie Leibovitz style. 

How would you describe the fashion industry in the Middle East?

I noticed that many fashion editorials, and campaigns here in Dubai look the same or often have a similar style.  Fortunately many foreign photographers are coming in and out of the region so they are bringing their own style and leaving a mark which is what I am trying to do.   Both the clients and editors are open for something fresh and unique and I am definitely hoping my European approach to fashion and photography is of interest to this fascinating market. 

Websites you check out?

I still prefer print magazines but it is obviously easier to access much more content online. 



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