The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).


Elçin Sümer is a sculptor, interior architect and jewellery designer, who manages to combine all her talents by utilizing the macro perspective she acquired from a variety of disciplines, and elevates the concept of jewellery to higher grounds, into a form of art.

Her perception of life is founded on 3 well-built pillars; observing, perceiving, and discovering the environment created by the objects of her design and exploring the elements that makes the body complete. With these in mind Elçin aspires to create, inspire, love and share.

HOw and WhY did you get into sculpture and jewelry design?

My artistic life started at a very young age. I was a ballerina who always admired the relationship between a woman and her jewelry. Observing the women in my family getting ready for an outing and trying out their jewelry was a great joy back then. Later on I discovered sculpting and it fascinated me. I was obsessed with forms that come to life with different materials and techniques. Ever since, I knew sculpting would play an integral part in my life and chose to major in Sculpture at University which is where I took my first jewelry making class. This marked the beginning of my career and dream. 

Eventually what put everything into perspective was my decision to sub-major in interior design. I wanted to figure out the most powerful way of integrating forms into life and architecture opened a brand new window for me and I begun to interpret interior design as a sculpting work in wider proportions. After that I decided to play around more with the proportions of my sculptures and make them more complex entities that can speak volumes yet can still be carried around. This became a possibility and a reality with my brand, SUMERIAN Exclusive Wearable Sculptures (www.sumerian.ist).

What are your greatest inspirations?


This question is a bit difficult for me to answer since I think of life in general as a great source of inspiration. I find the complexity of emotions and relationships; the thrill of discovering new places and cultures; the stories of the past to be all very inspirational things.

Have you designed a most favorite piece? 

 Every piece I design is very special to me since each and every one of them tells a different story. 

Have you worked on any collaborations?

I have collaborated on many projects with my early work. Most of them were interdisciplinary installations and/or exhibitions mainly focusing on my interior design work and sculptures. However I would like to collaborate with people who are in a different line of work for example designing a collection for a major consignment brand or creating a wearable sculpture line with an architect.

What would be a dream project for you? 

SUMERIAN is my dream project. Though I am at the early stages, it was always my vision to integrate different disciplines I have learned with my life experience and create wearable art. The dream will come true when my wearable sculptures reach global recognition and their message of interdisciplinary unity becomes an artistic statement.

Anything else you would like to share Elcin? 
I believe art is the very thing that gives meaning to life and also make sense of our existence.  It both guides our emotions and is guided by them. Art is nature’s creation. Design on the other hand, is more of a man made historical figure in that perspective. Its roots are much more traceable. It can be found in thinking, craftsmanship and labor. In that sense Art is life itself and Design is Art’s story told by us.