The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).


Enrique Hormigo was born in Barcelona and moved to Dubai after living/working in Paris for five years. After 15 years in the corporate world, in the luxury sector, Enrique decided to follow his passion and has chosen nomadism as a lifestyle traveling for the pleasure of discovering new cultures and returning to favorite locations such as Morocco and Rajasthan. Based on this lifestyle choice Montroi was conceived. 

What is nomadism?

We see nomadism as a cultural bridge, an educational tool, to connect, to grow, to learn through dialogue and shared experiences, becoming a nomad, ultimately leaving a more enlightened world for future generations. 

As Paul Bowles said: “I've always wanted to get as far as possible from the place where I was born. Far both geographically and spiritually. To leave it behind ... I feel that life is very short and the world is there to see and one should know as much about it as possible. One belongs to the whole world, not just one part of it.” 

What is your background in the fashion luxury world and what lessons did you take from it to start your own brand from scratch.

I was head of Marketing for a French luxury brand. I learned that perfection is a mindset rather than a destination and I also learned that 'coherence' is a crucial indicator to look at when it comes to predict a brand's success. 

In our case, we put our efforts to build a long-term relationship with our clients and to deliver products of very good quality that will age very well. 

Does technology partake at all in the MONTROI lifestyle?

We see technology as a tool to improve nomadism, not as an objective by itself. With this mindset we put all our city guides online and in a mobile application so that nomads can access them anywhere. 

Tell us about your creative process, how did the accessories and design develop.

MONTROI is designed in Paris and produced in Italy, Spain and France, with its global head office in Dubai. Each collection is a nomadic venture. Some of the most famous nomads of the 20th century that have inspired MONTROI in shaping its unisex products include:

  •  Wilfred Thesiger, Paul Bowles,
  •  Le Corbusier, the Marquess del Pino
  •  and the Maharaja of Jodhpur. 

 What unites these nomads is their decision to prioritize the essentials in life as bohemians.  “For me exploration was a personal venture.” Wilfred Thesiger.

It was difficult for me to find a brand which could be both beautiful and practical at the same time. From a design point of  view, we work to blend both. I feel MONTROI fulfills all my luggage requirements.

If you could pick someone in this world that represents Montroi, who would that person be ( if any).

MONTROI is rather a community of people who think alike and believe in nomadism as opposed to a single celebrity or  famous person. Coming from a background in marketing I think the era of paying celebrities to advertise a brand is over. 

Fashion icons in your opinion?

As a brand, we are closer to craftsmanship than we are to fashion but we admire fashion icons that come with a personality rather than just beauty.

Favorite websites, or publications.

  • Yatzer, Cereal magazine,
  • The Collective Quarterly
  •  and the instagram feed of @maldemar

Highlights from the launch event?

It was a magical event, a cocktail and dinner party at a private garden at the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes. The Cannes Film Festival is always a great meeting point for friends and nomads. Chef Marc-Antoine Colonna from La Oliva in Ibiza conceived a floral dining experience to celebrate nomadism.