The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Eva Kruiper simply loves to take photos of people. She is currently based in Ibiza but travels the world particularly in the winter months to sunny locations like Dubai and Cape Town. She studied Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, and one fine day she decided to borrow a camera and began taking portraits. From then her passion for photography was born. 

Eva how did you start your career in photography? 

In the summer of 2010 I traveled to the magical white island to assist Ana Lui who is a very successful and talented photographer. The winter that followed I went to New York where I fulfilled an exciting internship at fashion photographer Dusan Reljin. Shortly after I started taking professional editorial images myself. The first fashion editorial I ever shot got published in Exclama Magazine.

Your greatest inspirations or influences?

  • I’d say: people with passion and ambition, in any form. Whenever I meet someone that’s excited about creating and sharing their magic, I feel absolutely inspired.
  • I adore the work of Helmut Newton and Laurie Bartley.
  • I have a weak spot for talented stylists, the way someone is dressed really matters in terms of getting that picture perfect.
  • In daily life I don’t care much about what people chose to wear. I’m not very interested in fashion in general, although I appreciate certain looks over others, I definitely care more about someone’s personality than their look.

Most interesting photo shoot?

That’s definitely the photo shoot that I named ‘Annika & The Barefoot Boy’. These photos were taken in Cape Town, South Africa. This day while photographing model Annika my eyes locked on an African boy. I asked if he was willing to have his picture taken by me. He was not wearing any shoes and he spoke English very poorly. The boys’ reaction however was humble and kind. He seemed to have a natural talent for posing. He was not from Cape Town. In fact he had moved to the city in hope to find a job and strived for a better future. I can’t remember his name that’s why I remember him as the ‘barefoot boy’ that made these images very special.

Most interesting response to your work so far?

  • I had a meeting with GQ South Africa and the fashion editor that looked through my portfolio sincerely adored my work and got all excited to create something together. I enjoy it when my work excites and inspires people.
  • I also appreciate it a lot when other photographers come to me and compliment me on my work, I do the same. It’s all part of sharing the magic.

What would be a dream shoot for you?

It sounds cliché but I’d answer ‘to shoot for Vogue’.

Also I would love to exhibit some of my work some day. I can only imagine having a drink with my parents on my own exhibition. They have always been proud of me, but I guess it would be ‘the cherry on the cake’.

Favorite publications, websites or social media?

Anything Vogue-isch impresses and inspires me. I have books that I like to flick through regularly. One that I particularly like is one by Helmut Newton.

Fashion icons in your opinion or any creatives we should know about? 

  • I think Rihanna is spot on when it comes to fashion and style. 
  • I have a little obsession with the well known Salvador Dalí. His work sort of overwhelms me over and over again. 

How do you find fashion photography in the Middle East compared to the rest of the world?

Reserved. Guarded. Discreet. Not very edgy or touchy, but very feminine and flawless. I try to add some interesting edges to my work, wherever it is being created. Whether it is through styling, posing or composition.

Anything else you would like to share?

Believe in whatever makes you happy and aim to become the best version of yourself.