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Danielle Moudaber Vision of Splendor
Danielle Moudaber Vision of Splendor

Venezuelan born and London based Anouchka Blatnik is the Creator and Editor of Vision of Splendor, a site dedicated to art, design, architecture, decor, jewellery, travel and everything in between. Through her website, Anouchka also serves as a “brand ambassador,” sourcing unique artisanal and luxury items from around the globe.

Anouchka what are your  greatest inspirations or influences?

My parents both had very distinct tastes and styles. Funnily enough, it was Switzerland tied them together. They both had roots there for different reasons, so this was also a strong influence on us. We spent a lot of our time there growing up among the quaintness and glamour of the Swiss Mountain resort of Gstaad. Therefore my childhood and travels all over the world are the roots of all of my inspirations and influences, and especially for my visual blog/diary, Vision of Splendor.

Fashion icons in your opinion?

My earliest influence in elegance was my beautiful Grandmother Edith de Picciotto, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt of Russian heritage. She was one of the most beautiful women in Egypt and, to me, one of the most beautiful women in the world!

She had creamy porcelain skin, eyes the colour of the turquoise sea, and perfectly done blonde hair. She had perfect lipstick, which she never left home without. She was the most elegant, charming, loving woman. One who loved to laugh…and feed us. To me, no one matches her, but if I had to choose my modern versions, she would be an eclectic mix of Ulyana Sergeenko and Kelly Wearstler.

Creatives we should know about?

  •  Danielle Moudaber. She was born in Nigeria of Lebanese descent. Her imagination and creativity has no limits! This self-taught decorator and furniture designer is one to watch and her house in London has been featured in every interior design magazine across the globe. Each of the projects she does is one of a kind.
  • The Jewelry coming out of Brazil today is holding its own, and my two favourite brands originating from there are great friend Ara Vartanian and Silvia Furmanovich.
  • Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, who is one of the most versatile interior designers working today. He is really taking off to a whole new stratosphere, yet he always remains absolutely charming and hilarious.
  • My other talented friend is Jeweller and Designer Loree Rodkin, the woman that invented the bondage ring…way before anybody else was doing them.

What inspired you to start Vision of Splendor?

I started out in marketing and PR organizing events, which took me to the Middle East and Asia for exciting projects bringing F1 and Polo to the region. I then decided to go back to school to pursue my love of jewelry and was certified in Gemology, Silversmithing, Jewellery Design, and the History of Jewelry.  I launched a line with two friends of 24k gold jewelry, called Kiraz which was all hand produced in Istanbul but as much as I loved it, I preferred to focus on finding and promoting new talent.

My  first client was a young talented Scottish-Pakistani marvel called Mehbs Yaqub who happens to also be a wizard at making furniture and can design anything you put in front of him. He created the famous Swarovski Crystal bathroom at Mourad Mazouz (Momo) and Sketch, in London.

Mehbs Yaqub
Mehbs Yaqub

As a result, I ended up becoming a sourcing agent, a person who finds things for people: a house, jewellery, art, restaurants, you know name it. I will seek and I will find.  I worked in VIP Private Sales at Giftlab and Couturelab, ( as well as a style ambassador),which is owned by the visionary Carmen Busquets and shortly after decided to create my visual diary three years ago which  ties everything I do, have done, and that I will do. Vision of Splendor is my gift to the online world, a place where my audience can escape, shop, discover, find inspiration or whatever else the site inspires you to do.

Favorite websites, blogs or publications?

  • Yatzer is one, which was founded by Greek interior designer Costas Voyatzis. I wish I could be shooting content like that. Sometimes I’ll write a piece on Vision of Splendor about a subject I love and the next thing I know, Yatzer has already published it.
  • Online magazine Trendland is totally up my alley.
  • Sara Brajovic is my fix for style, fashion, and beauty. This is not some airy, fairy site. She is a super talented girl, smart as whip, and gorgeous, of course!
  • I visit Nomadic Songlines for my soul and I read and follow everything Chloe Garcia does. Chloe’s photos, words, and locations are magical…just like her!
  • Slim Paley! Now this woman has taste, style, and, best of all, is hilarious!
  • Mysticmamaa is my other soul site.
Anouckha Blatnik
Anouckha Blatnik