The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



I recently discoverd the captivating photography of Noelia Madiedo on instagram and was very excited to share her beautiful work with you. After graduating from FIU in Miami she went on to work with children as a behavioral modification therapist, but wanting to balance the hectic pace and mentally draining days, she took time out to visit the far East, places she felt inexplicably drawn to—Nepal, Bhutan, the Himalayas. She immediately fell in love with the landscape, the culture and the people. It was the spiritual connection she needed, and in her mind, there was no better way than photography to capture the essence of the people and places she grew to love so much.

Noelia who was born in the Dominican Republic to a Cuban father and Dominican mother, moved to Singapore in 2010. Today while the East still holds a special place in her heart, her photography now explores all continents, from the megafauna of Africa to the verdant landscape of the Cuban countryside. Currently she splits her time between Singapore, Paris, where she promotes her work and Miami, where she has her family and plans to show her work this summer.

As one can tell by now I love to interview photographers who's work inspires or captivates me and once again this is a clear example of having a difficult time choosing my favorite images from Noelia's beautiful portfolio. These are just a few I love.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

The initial inspiration is always the subject. That’s how I got started in photography. I wanted to capture the beautiful images I saw in my travels. But what keeps me going is the positive response I get from people who come across my photographs. It’s the boost that keeps me behind the lends and looking for the perfect shot.

Most interesting response to your photography so far?

My photographs appear on several web sites and I also post on social media where I get a lot of feedback and positive comments. Recently, a visitor to my blog said “your images take me to these places and I’m enveloped by the scene”. An observation that fashionista Martha Graeff elaborated on when she said on her blog that my photos “hypnotize” and make you feel you’re a part of the scene and actually there.

Most interesting shoot or travel photography adventure?

To me they are all special, otherwise I’d probably skip the shoot and just enjoy being a tourist. But if I had to pick one as a highlight, I would have to be my trip to the festivals in Bhutan during the fire blessing ceremonies.

What are some places you still want to travel to shoot?

Right now, Tibet is at the top of my list. I’d also love to visit Burma to photograph the tribal women with their long necks and tattooed faces.

Upcoming projects?

I’m planning an exhibit to present my work in Miami, which has an increasingly important art scene. I also have fashion projects in the works that will involve my travel photography as inspiration.

Anything else you would like to share with our audience?

I have a blog, worldtravelwithme.com, where I offer travel suggestions and tips. I also post upcoming events and photography on my fb page. Finally, I want to thank everyone for the support I’ve received on my journey of discovery and my travels. I love Buddhist philosophy, which is why my work so often features the lands, culture and people where Buddhism flourishes.