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Zoren Gold & Minori

If you've been following Ninu Nina you'd  realize how much I love sharing my passion for photography and how as a blogger with a background in fashion I adore featuring not only established artists who's work inspires me but also up and coming talent with a vey unique style and vision. Hence why I am so excited to introduce ARTIST & AGENCY  a New York based boutique agency representing photographers and visual directors working in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and the luxury goods industries. In addition to management & representation of photographers/directors, the agency founded by Gina Whitehead and her business partner Noah Brunn, also offers a full range of production services  including hair, make up, styling, set styling, etc. The agency strives in creating and maintaining an intimate collaboration between the creatives they represent and the client.

Gina has a background in Fine Art, event management and talent management. Noah  in production, business and talent management.

Who are some of the photographers Artist & Agency represents?

  • Gilles Bensimon (Fashion, Lifestyle)
  • Torkil Gudnason (Beauty, Fashion)
  • Pascal Demeester (Fashion, Beauty, Surrealist)
  • Rasmus Mogensen (Director & photographer: Beauty, Fashion)
  • Morten Bjarnhof (Lifestyle)
  • Zoren Gold & Minori (Director & photographer: Conceptual, Beauty)

 What is a big difference between your agency and all the others?

We are international; in our small team of 5 we speak fluent English, French, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, Greek and Italian. Our agency is based on trust and transparency. We believe in Karma.

Cool, Pliable as wax, we have integrity, down to earth, we like to think that we are hot, humble too. hah

What kind of talent do you look for to represent?

We only take on drama-free talent. The most important for us however is the following:

Unique Vision and Incomparable esthetic

Most inspiring editorials or work so far?

  • We would have to go with the Vidal Sassoon TV and Print Campaign Rasmus Mogensen shot and directed. It was really emotional for us to see the final product all over the place, on TV in Glamour and Vogue... We produced the print campaign too so we were involved in the whole process which is something we love about our jobs.
  • Gilles shoot Katie Holmes for Harper’s Bazaar and we are already planning the next cover story, stay tuned… we effing love being on set with him. On another note: his exhibit has charmed everyone. Check it: Hamiltons gallery exhibit and article in WWD (http://www.wwd.com/eye/people/in-bloom-6568123).
  • Torkil Gudnason is banging out ads for L’Oreal that are so precious lighting wise it’s really mind-boggling.
  • Pascal Demeester’s work is very inspiring, very surrealist. I love that there is no explanation to the work. Its not pretentious, its just surrealistic.
  • And Mi-Zo! Gosh they really create a world of concepts, the campaign for Adobe Creative Suite 6 was pretty rad. Their videos for NEURO (Soft drink) are simply dreamy, I’ll let you see for yourself: http://www.artistandagency.com/#10/160
  • Morten Bjarnhof is a lifestyle genius. The way he uses his environment to immortalize playful scenes and romance, portraits and emotions… Is, to us, astounding.

 Up and coming projects?

All upcoming projects are hush hush. Kills me though because I want to scream on rooftops… But that just can’t be done.

Anything else you guys want to share?

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Morten Bjarnhof

Gilles Bensimmon

Pascal Demeester