The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

pop.see.cul INTERVIEW

pop.see.cul INTERVIEW


Pia Hakko & Pelin Yasar

Pia & Pelin met at Central St Martins in London. Pia studied fashion communication and graphic design at CSM and later on did her MA on graphic moving image at LCC. Pelin studied fashion design at CSM and later on at LCF. She's currently working in a design studio in London.  The girls have always shared their inspirations, ideas and knowledge throughout their studies and it came to a point where they wanted to have a huge sketchbook full of everything they talked about. That's how pop.see.cul was born. It's their precious and very personal sketchbook.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

We get our inspirations from pretty much everything : books, movies, blogs, music but mostly interesting people. We love having a random conversation with someone who has a totally different background and unique story.

Fashion icons in your opinion?

Anyone who is totally free and confident with his/her style. We appreciate randomness and creativity .

How does Istanbul affect your creativity or inspire you ?

For us Istanbul is a salad with a lot of ingredients:). There are so many types of people living together that it's impossible to avoid the mixture of ideas and culture. This inspires us a lot. We love talking to the locals in the city and hear their stories and looking at traditional motives and jewelry.

Interesting stuff you girls are working on?

We're currently designing t-shirts and jewelry that we will soon be selling on our blog and in a store in Istanbul, so we're very excited!

We'll keep you posted on pop.see.cul.

Interesting up and coming creatives in your opinion?

  • We've recently found at about Pınar Yolaçan. She did garments made out of meat which looked like couture pieces.
  • As fashion designers, Stephanie Baechler, Simone Rocha, Hermione de Paula.

Favorite websites, blogs, publications?

  • Favorite websites : Hedi Slimane Diary, Nowness, WGSN, From Brazil with Love, Discount Universe, Sass&Bide, Blogotheque
  • Favorite blogs : pop.see.cul obviously! , betweenloveandhappiness, C-uir, Foxyman, Oracle Fox, moldavia
  • Favorite publications: Little White Lies, POP, Dazed&Confused, Self service magazine, I.D. Monocle

Anything else youd like to share?

We're looking for more young talents to post about on our blog so if you're out there contact us! And thank you for the interview.