The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Whetherly designer Leila Nasseri grew up in southern California exposed to an array of styles and cultures. She attended USC earning a Masters degree in business and minored in communications, and soon after began working in the apparel industry.  For many years Leila had a front row seat to all the ins and outs of making a truly worthwhile collection and found herself wanting more from the pieces in her closet so she started WHETHERLY. Becoming a fashion designer was never the goal; but has been a wonderful consequence.

Leila Nasseri chose model, photographer, actress and cool-girl Gia Coppola to model her  Spring 2012 lookbook.

 What is the philosophy behind the brand?

Our philosophy as a contemporary knit line is to prioritize and maintain our essence. After time lines tend to stop prioritizing their quality and it takes a back seat. This also translates to where we are as a culture and as women. I find that incredibly inspiring.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

I draw inspiration from art, music, culture, architecture, and literature; Ultimately the details in these trigger my direction.

Is there a specific girl in mind when you design the collections?

A chic young woman to a sophisticated season vet can be spotted in Whetherly, I’ve designed the line to be as versatile as the woman wearing it.

Fashion icons? 

Jane Birkin has always been a source of inspiration for me; she truly embodies the balance of being sophisticated and effortlessly chic.

Favorite websites, blogs, publications?

Vogue,  NY Times T-Magazine, Style.com

Anything else? 

Whetherly will be with you on your ever evolving style journey; we can take risk together as well as maintain our core pieces you can always come back to.