The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




French electronic music lover living in New York,  Amaury Meunier, aka Momus, bought his first turntables in 2004 and started to actively collect and play house records in Paris. He just recently came out of the New York DJ closet. Although its been a fun ride so far with manly sets at BLK Market or Sheik n Beik, and disco nights at YMEE, Momus is currently developing original music productions, so we can expect to be hearing a lot more from this fresh talent. Stay tuned on his Facebook page for info on his upcoming gigs and other cool musical materials.

Greatest inspirations or influences

The first time you properly party really opens your ears to electronic music and weights enormously in ones music tastes ever after. At my first party,  this local guy W.A.R.R.I.O. was playing in a typical Parisian tech-house style - Freak n Chic - danceable and catchy but musically not too obvious, stuff like Schatrax, Spirit Catcher or DJ T. I still play this kind of sounds, and they actually sound fresher than ever in the middle of today’s deep house mania!

A weekend at Panorama Bar opened my ears a second time with some new house sounds: Perlon, Poker Flat, Innervisions, etc. Then, I got into more raw and analog things after digging into Detroit and Canadian labels like FXHE, Metroplex, New Kanada... Also, the wizards Ricardo Villalobos and Bruno Pronsato aren't to be forgotten, they helped me understand the power of minimal.

I’ve always loved disco, and more precisely italo disco . Giorgio Moroder “The Chase”, Donna Summer “I Feel Love”, and Charlie ”Spacer Woman” are always in my ipod.

My biggest influences however are what I hear and see everyday: friends, weather, places.

Best or most memorable set you’ve done so far?

The later I play, the better. The last ones standing are always the most receptive, and I am myself more "into it".  Electronic music is subtle and more appropriate at an advanced stage of the night. Following that logic I think my best – and longest – sets are the ones I played in private after parties.

Highlights this year in music

  • Art Department made a lot of noise this year, along with Visionquest and Crosstown Rebels.
  • I recently discovered San Proper, he’s my little crush, a genuine and complete artist. The kind of guy who composes, plays and loves any kind of music as long as its good, check him out.
  • The Parisian scene had a clear impulse this year as well with the birth of 2 very promising labels: Hold Youth  (by Seuil + Le Loup) and Makesense records.

Best collaboration you have seen so far

Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White. Art Department were unmissable this year, they’re the typical example of 1+1=3 kind of deal. Their nasty growling bass lines combined with disco-ish beats and some vocals talk to everyone: to the non-initiates and to the underground connoisseur, to the lovers of techno, house or disco and even to me the complaining French. Cem n Rg and Clockwork are two very complementary and friendly duo that I closely witnessed rising, it’s good to see! It’s great when 2 people can understand each other and click around music like that, I hope I’ll find my binomial soon!

Best part about being in NY?

Diversity and dynamism are high on the list but I think it’s much easier to look at the worst part about being in NY: I’d say the absence of good cheap food, the polar cold those days and the monstrously loud firetrucks horns – this shit is seriously dangerous for the human ear! – Cockroaches are pretty bad too, but I kinda forgot them when I moved to Brooklyn!

Momus created a special winter mix  for us  so check it out! Thank you