The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




pdb was born in Bali but has its roots in New York, London, Barcelona, Paris and Scotland. pdb is reflective of an international lifestyle, representing a growing population of a global tribe who have grown up and lived on continents across the world, whose style transcends one city, one culture, one language, people who feel at home in multiple countries and like to reflect that in the way they dress.

The lovely designer, Nora Logan, grew up in Hong Kong, London, and New York, and has also lived in Florence, Scotland, and Paris. Nora moved to Bali after having finished a degree in Art History and French, deciding to leave the London grind behind. There she was inspired to create her own collection of jewelry with her own distinctive twist of a third-culture-kid background. pdb is about having fun with the pieces and making a statement. Using the best material she can source— 925 sterling silver, 22ct gold vermeil and brass—Nora draws upon the local resources in Bali working with the most talented and expert artisans to make these unique pure dead brilliant pieces.

pdb wants people to do a double take when they see someone wearing a piece of their jewelry in the street or at a party. We believe these pieces can be a conversation piece as well as a versatile everyday adornment. The jewelry can be mixed and matched, or stand out on their own as a piece of wearable art.

Greatest inspirations or influences Nora?

  • I am inspired by all sorts of things. I was really influenced by all the collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum when I was growing up, I lived directly across from it and would go in all the time to soak up the vibe, and the centuries of fashion—I was fascinated by it, I still am. The Vivienne Westwood exhibition there in 2005 was incredible, I have a book from it and still look back at it for inspiration.
  • My friends inspire me—a lot of the slogans on the pieces are taken from our jokes.
  • Lots of the Dada and Surrealist artists inspire me, with their off the cuff, humourous approach to life and art, the blurring of the two.

How has living in so many places influenced your creativity?

Living in so many places has made me who I am so it has a huge influence on my creativity. I make pieces that I want to travel, that I want to be worn all over the world, and to work in lots of different cities without looking out of place. I’ve picked things up in my personal style from each place I have lived in and that definitely translates into the way I make jewelry.

Favorite websites, blogs, publications?

  • www.bleachblack.com
  • www.dazeddigital.com
  • www.thefader.com
  • www.garancedore.fr
  • www.vogue.com
  • Also obsessed with Spotify at the moment.
  • Ninunina is the coolest! I love the music you play!
  • Wallpaper,iD,Vanity Fair, Love Magazine

Who is the person you have in mind when you are designing your collections?

I don’t have a particular person in mind per se when I’m designing, I first think of an idea and then think whether one of my friends would want to wear it. And then whether one of my aunts or my mother would want to wear it. And if it’s yes to either one of the two, then I know that it’ll be great. The ideal person who I’d like to wear the pieces certainly has to have a sense of humour and not mind a little kooky. Often I do have particular friends in mind when I’m designing pieces, because many of them are people I’d love to have representing pdb in the street. But I really do want my pieces to be appealing to women (and men!) of all generations, I think we have something for everyone.

Most interesting response to your creations so far?

A lot of people have asked if I am planning on “filling in” my diamond designs. I have a cage bracelet and people want me to fill it in with something, which I find quite funny, I guess some people don’t like the empty space! I work with a lot of Indonesians and they have the best responses to my stuff—usually in uproarious laughter at my outlandish ideas.

Fashion icons in your opinion?

  • Daphne Guinness. Vivienne Westwood. Florence Welch.

Challenges of what you do?

Anyone starting a new company, especially in fashion, is going to face challenges. Trying to get the word out and get people talking about and wearing the pieces has been a challenge, but that’s exciting because it’s so fun to spread the word about something you love so much that you wholly believe in. When I was first starting and sourcing material in Bali and finding good people to work with, I found it quite challenging because it’s not always easy and you’re trying to learn a new language and a new culture and a new city, the miscommunications abounded. And often they still do, but it keeps me on my toes—I’m never bored!

Anything else youd like to share with our audience?

I’m really excited to share our new website with everyone. We’ve been working on it for quite a while now and I’m just so happy to finally be able to show it to people. I’m also going to launch a few new pieces for the holiday season on the site next month so please look out for updates on our facebook!