The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Born in Argentina and raised in Miami, Jewelry designer Carolina Loyola, was exposed to the world of jewelry design, at an early age.  Carolina's mother, a jewelry designer, guided her and continuously surrounded her with beautiful art, elegant style and pure creativity while growing up.  Throughout her life, Carolina was driven to explore her creative side in designing jewelry, as she immersed herself in photography, and traveled to exotic locations around the world. She graduated from Boston University with a major in Advertising and began designing as a hobby while working full time. While visiting the Far East, she was inspired to create her debut collection "Butterflies and Flowers".

Carolina works closely with artisans from Italy and South America, to create her exotic pieces, using Filigree, an antique art form, which encompasses the delicate handcrafted technique of intricate ornamental work. All of Carolina Loyola's jewelry is made from 925 Sterling Silver and 24 karat gold over silver. The collection will also include 14K gold, on a few pieces. Each exquisite semi-precious stone used, is carefully and meticulously chosen.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

My influences and inspirations come from my travels. I love people watching and learning about there cultures. Since early childhood my mother also a jewelry designer was my mentor. She has exquisite taste and she taught me a lot.

Who is the girl you have in  mind when you are designing your collections?

I always think of the girl with her own chic sense of style. A woman that knows how to accessorize in an effortless way.  Today it’s not just about head to toe brands, its more the mix that one can create.

Fashion icons in your opinion?

  • Growing up I loved Elle MacPherson, she always looked flawless in cool chic way.
  • I just really like when a woman knows how to mix and match the right accessories and clothes without trying to hard. I enjoy very much the chic Parisian woman. Classic yet ultra chic.

Favorite blogs, publications?

I have to admit that I am just starting to use the blogs. I love photography so I enjoy blogs with great pictures.

Tell us a little bit about your design process?

I usually start of with an idea that comes to my mind. Work on the sketching and then I go to choose the stones, metals and elements to complete the piece. That is the fun part…I can be hours choosing stones. I love quality precious and semi-precious stones.

Anything else you would like to share with our audience?

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