The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




With 11 years of dj-ing under his belt—tarek anTabi has been gigging all over the world with performances in New York, Miami (WMC), Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, Monte Carlo, Beirut, Dubai, Hammamet (Tunisia), Nicosia (Cyprus), Cairo etc, His talent has been showcased along side djs like David Guetta, Erick Morillo, Behrouz, Paul Harris (Dirty Vegas) & John Acquaviva. He is based in Riyadh but travels regularly for gigs and will be in NY and Boston this fall.

His brother Tamer  is currently moving to London and only began a few months ago. He is really doing this only for the love of  the music, ( and we like that!)

Greatest inspirations or influences?

Tamer: it would have to be Tarek above anything else since he is who got me into this but off the top of my head the names that come to mind besides him are:


  • Deep Dish back when they were dope (anything they did before dropping their album "George is on"),
  • danny howells and sander kleinenberg before he became a sell out and completely changed his style with "this is miami" / getting all commercial on me

Most memorable set so far?

Tamer: too many to list but two that stand out are Russ Yallop Act natural @ cargo 8.4.11 and Richy Ahmed fabric promo mix. One thing I can say for certain is the best party i've ever been to would have to be get lost during miami's music week 2011. and by the way  I enjoy listening to sets way more than Tarek does!

Tarek: deep dish yoshiesque 2 (this is what made me switch from mainstream to underground), sander kleinenberg nubreed 004, deep dish GU: Toronto and Sharam's GU Toronto after hours compilation. (PS tamer's right I spend all my free time going through my "pending bag".)

Favorite websites blogs...

How would you describe your music

the brothers: we are not genres whores, if we like a tune then we play it, it might be deep, it might be techy, it might be groovy, it might be funky, it might be disco-ey, it might be all out techno and the list goes on & on in terms of what it might be. You can't pigeon hole us to a certain style but definitely we ain't commercial.

Anything else you guys want to share?

Tarek: I feel I should explain what "pending bag" is in my answer to question #3. Well, it is a folder on my desktop called "pending"  where I keep all the music I download from blogs for the week. Usually the folder accumulates about 500 tracks per week and on my weekend I sit down for hours going through it until i trim out all the fat and keep the tunes i'm happy with.

Here are links to their latest sets

What Were About ( A) & What Were About ( B)