The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Nash is a New York based DJ and the founder of an independent multimedia event organization- PART (Party & Art Re-Thought). Nash has always supplemented musical styling of his events with aesthetic creativity, artistic expression and critical communication. While musically educated on guitar in the late 90s in his native Belgrade, Nash begun DJ-ing in Los Angeles in '05. Since '08 and the move to New York, his music style evolved to deeper, minimal, tech- house sounds, leaving behind the West coast electro/progressive past. In New York, in order to preserve full creative freedom of event organization, Nash has mainly organized private loft, gallery and rooftop parties, while performing out in clubs, lounges, etc. Nash's mixes are regularly played on Gilles Wasserman's Paris Radio One show, Profound (www.paris-one.com/deeper). In a collaboration with Teo Cretella, Nash produces for PART under alias Turgenev (see soundcloud NashNYC).Greatest inspirations or musical influences?
  • As a kid, definitely started really getting into music with Prodigy & later when I started playing guitar, moved on to Metallica, Pantera... I had a band in 6th grade called Electric Chimney -We like to think that we would have made it if it weren't for the NATO bombing in Serbia in 1999 (we gave up the money for new drums to our parents so they can stock up on flour in case of an embargo, emergency, etc.)... so there was always intensity [and bombs! ] around the music I like, as I love feeling solid energy on the floor, I love to make people move and not just move but move with some intensity.
  • Lately, I've been playing production of Gorge, Martin Landsky, Mario & Vidis, Stimming, Alex Niggeman... And I used to love Matthew Dear's Dj-ing, I hope to hear him spin more (with all due respect to his band).
Greatest sets you've heard so far
  • This year I heard 2 amazing sets at festivals, I felt like I was in class and professors were showing me how to DJ - Steve Bug in Sunday School (Miami 2011) and Martin Buttrich at Movement (Detroit 2011). A lot of guys my age (or younger!) tend to forget that there is a lot that comes with experience... Also, Davide Squillace in the city a week before Detroit was unreal.
Most memorable set so far for you?

We just had an amazing rooftop party in Greenpoint, but the most memorable were definitely the parties at 22 Renwick (by Spring & Greenwich in West SoHo), a storefront loft where I used to live for a year while the entire building was empty (construction wasn't finished). You cannot find a more underground space in the middle of the city, we had no cop nor neighbor complaints, people mention these parties to this day (1+ year later) and I hope to get another similar opportunity, though that's highly unlikely.

Upcoming gigs?

I've been dreaming of this beautiful photo studio for months and now I can finally announce that we are having a party on August 27th on 13th st and Broadway, right by Union Square,. I cannot think of a more aesthetically pleasing event setting in the city. I am always excited about upcoming parties, but this will be something else. My friend and I are working on special visual animations for it, do not miss it... I can't put the address up publicly but anyone interested should email me at 


Favorite websites, blogs?
  •  beatport, and all my soccer news websites
  • I don't really do blogs (sorry) but if I did, I'd be on yours all the time! JK, but yeah I am vary of the hyper-inflated use of TV & technology as I am more into books than computers, Pasolini rather than Spielberg, classical theatre rather than Broadway & Hollywood, artistic freedom rather than greed.
Anything else you´d like to share with our audience?

"Whether ritualized or not, art contains the rationality of negation. In its advanced positions, it is the Great Refusal - the protest against that which is. The modes in which man and things are made to appear, to sing and sound and speak, are modes of refuting, breaking and recreating their factual existence. But these modes of negation pay tribute to the antagonistic society to which they are linked. Separated from the sphere of labor where society reproduces itself and its misery, the world of art which they create remains, with all its truth, a privilege and an illusion." -Herbert Marcuse (from One-Dimensional Man)