The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Laura Theiss Knitwear

Laura Theiss Knitwear


Lithuanian born Laura Theiss graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins college in 2009 and is now based in London.Her passion for knitwear came rather early on when she was a child. She compares it to her mother’s tongue;“It is sort of a language embedded in my DNA and I find it easy to express myself through it”

The new collection does not disappoint and her unique and graphic design place her as one of the newest knitwear designers to watch.

Inspired by Gothic Lolita and  manga heros Laura Theiss continues her exploration of knitting techniques in her new AW 11/12 collection.From lace crochet dresses to platted ribbon dresses and jacquard knitted sweaters Laura´s collection shows her unique style in mixing the colours and patterns.The colour palette goes from black, different greys mixed with some bright colours; The petticoat tulle skirts are worn with knee length platted socks; Colourful jacquard leggings and sweaters are perfect for the coming cold winter.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

I am fascinating by Far East countries, people and culture.

Before I start a new collection I always try to find something interesting: a story, future trend, form, shape. And then after a detailed research I translate it into the knitwear. My knitwear techniques are influenced by my original heritage. I was born and grew up in Lithuania there hand made art there thought to every girl. I was lucky to learn it at the age of seven.

Your favourite websites/blogs?

  • www.ninunina.com of course. –It is a great mix of creative people sharing their ideas, inspiration and lifestyle.
  • www.irenebrination.typepad.com -Notes on Art, Fashion and Style
  • www.dazeddigital.com –Informative Magazine on-line

Fashion icons in your opinion?

My hottest favourite fashion icon is Princess Catherine. Many of her clothing items and accessories come from small award winning designers. She could become an “ambassador of British Fashion”

I guess we will see even more feminine and elegant designs on the runway next season. As designers all other the world will take a great inspiration on “The Kate Effect”.


Credits: Photographer: Ellis Scott Styling: Kabir Model: Tiffany@Model1

Ja'bagh Kaghado Moskva Raw

Ja'bagh Kaghado Moskva Raw