The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).



Celine was born and raised in France and was a model for a long time but at 25 she began to question her future and her life . She moved to NYC bought a pair of turntables ( she says it was the best purchase of her life) and well the rest is history. Specially for us who’ve experienced her sets, she brings so much emotion you feel her experiencing the music and its just wonderful and groovy. Check out the podcast she recently created for Cream Hotel.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

Many grooves... I love reggae, funk, soul, used to listen to a lot of hip hop... so I think you can hear some of that in my sets.

How did you get involved in Sonem and Sundae?

This is just about meeting the right people at the right moment. I bought my first pair of turntables in NYC, met the people from the scene, and very quickly, was given the opportunity to play the monthly Sonem Party on the rooftop of Bar 13. I met and opened for a lot of Djs during that year, including

  • Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves,Bill Patrick,Italoboyz, Brandon Moeller,

  • Argenis Brito, Andomat 3000...

Then I went to Paris on holiday in 09, and met the owner of "le café Barge" totally out of the blue. I asked if I could throw summer parties on his terrace on some sundays; Sundae was born. We are on our  3rd season now.

People in the music biz you admire?

Today I love and play a range going from techno, minimal, deep house, and I even surprise myself liking nu disco!

It really depends on the place, time, and feeling.

I'm lucky to be throwing the Sundae party and to be in charge of the Dj selection, so I can invite people I like... After 2 seasons, the list is getting long, but we were lucky to have

  • Seth Troxler, Daria, Guti,Soul Clap, Alejandro Mosso, Anthony Collins,

  • Seuil,David K, Andres Zacco, Masomenos, Alland Byallo, Sety,

  • from Karaoké to Stardom, Le loup,Varoslav, Yakine, Okain, Alex Dee

  • Season started again in the middle of April, we had Dyed Soundroom, Molly and Timid boy, just last sunday and it was amazing.

Dream collaboration for you?

Well, as a Dj, i'm already lucky I found a great mixing partner in Roman Azzaro. We play a lot together, and it's amazing. I hope it's gonna go on for a while.

Most  memorable set so far?

My first gig in South America, Baranquilla, Colombia. Such a powerful crowd, people just scream your name!

Upcoming projects?

Sundae is growing. We are working on the next line ups.

Favorite sites.blogs?

Anything else you'd like to share?

I love long walks, bicycles, and cats... purrrrr.

Céline & Roman Azzaro



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