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The Cake Factory by Alejandra Galan

The Cake Factory by Alejandra Galan


Many of you know I am obsessed with cakes, so I am really excited to introduce Alejandra Galan a super creative cake designer from Colombia. Alejandra's parents own a bakery in Bogota called American Cheese Cakes, so as a young girl Alejandra loved trying all the new desserts her mom made. Alejandra studied industrial design but it wasn't until after graduating that she realized  she didn’t want to design using typical materials, such as wood, plastic, etc…she wanted to create things on food, the sweet and delicious pastries she grew up with. As a result, she traveled to NYC  and studied pastry arts at the French Culinary Institute. She also interned with some of the best in their respective areas like Jaques Torres (chocolatier) and Colette Peters (cake designer). Working at Colette’s Cakes changed her life when she realized she had found her calling, and she became a cake designer. Last year Alejandra returned to Bogota and opened THE CAKE FACTORY BY ALEJANDRA GALAN, and is making her dream come true.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

My greatest inspiration has always been Colette, but I love Anne Heap’s work, as well as Marina Soussa, Mikes amazing Cakes, Michelle Cake art and Ron Ben Israel.

Challenges of starting your own company?

The biggest challenge was finding most of the specialized ingredients to decorate, such as all the different powder colors to paint…unfortunately in Colombia these kinds of cakes aren’t very common, so I had to import most of the things I use…

Favorite response to one of your cake creations?

Well, there’s one that’s still frozen! They refused to cut it  (It was a peugeot RCZ)

What would be a dream project for you?

I have many goals, but the first one is making a cake taller than me! After that, I would like to made a life-size  edible car!

Favorite websites/blogs?

Your favorite cakes you have done so far?

I loved a Hollywood themed cake, but my favorite so far was one I made for my moms b-day, it was like a canvas where I could make my art.

Anything else youd like to share with our audience?

Be creative! I love when people show up full of ideas wanting complicated things, defeating gravity...


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