The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Lili Radu Leather Accessories

Lili Radu Leather Accessories

I recently reconnected with Lili Radu by chance here in Cambodia and am so eager to share her brand and work with everyone because I love the craftsmanship and style of her leather accessories.

Lili was born in Frankfurt, but her international profile, shaped by her long term stay in Austria, Spain, the US and Italy the last ten years, nurtured Lili’s passion for traveling as well as for art, fashion, design & photography and allowed it to blossom in diverse settings. After having completed a Masters in Fashion, Experience & Design Management at SDA Bocconi Business School, Lili decided to invest all her energy and passion in her dream to found her own company.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

Some people would maybe quote a big designer now, but I really have to say that my grandma was my greatest inspiration, she was such a tough woman, who despite being through difficult moments in her life, she never gave up. She remained positive and strong. A really amazing woman.

Challenges of starting your own fashion brand?

Besides the daily challenges that every entrepreneur has to encounter, I will never forget when two weeks before the launch the hard drive of my computer broke down and all the data was gone, but this experience taught me that you have to breath in and out, spend long hours at the Apple repair center and you need your best friends around.

Favorite boutiques around the world?

I am fascinated by Daslu in Sao Paolo, Brazil, amazing department store. Can’t wait to be back there. It’s truly inspiring.

Favorite websites/blogs?

Burberry has an amazing website, especially the artofthetrench.com, I really hope that one day I also have a website where I can see how people are wearing LiliRadu’s weekender!

Tell us about your involvement in charity work, and about your experience in Cambodia?

I became familiar with the concept of non-profit projects & activities through my family. I wrote my dissertation on “Public Relations and Event Planning for the non-profit organization INTERPLAST” (non-profit organization providing free surgery in developing countries.) (http://www.interplast-germany.de/). Through this ‘academic journey’ I became even more determined to contribute to non profit activities and started fundraising money for the NPO Interplast. A beautiful project we organized with a great team was this January to a children’s hospital in Takeo, Cambodia based on a NPO Interplast’s project. Cambodia is for sure one of the most fascinating countries I have ever been to….I was so overwhelmed by the kindness and warmness of the people, just beautiful.

What's next?

I already have a lot of ideas in mind, for sure very soon there will be new designs coming up and some hot summer colors

Can people buy your products online?

All products can be purchased at www.liliradu.com

Advice for anyone starting their own company?

Something that I keep repeating to myself every day. Never give up and always keep the wind in your sail.

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