The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).


Behind MALLARINO are two beautiful Colombian sisters, Lucia and Isabella Bueno-Mallarino, who live between Paris and Colombia. Their passion for design and strong bonds with Colombia naturally gave way to this project.

MALLARINO is a singular brand that brings together European sophistication and the savoir-faire of Colombian artisans. The need to preserve a beautiful tradition got them into jewellery design; the art of hand-sewing jewels in Colombia has been passed from father to son for centuries and demands extraordinary manual skills. With the arrival of mass/chain production and cheap imports, this wonderful savoir-faire was threatened by the minute.

MALLARINO was created in Paris three years ago. Today, whereas Lucia fully runs the company, Isabella assists her in the designing and decision making process until she finishes her PhD on the justice mechanisms applied to deal with the consequences of the Colombian conflict.

Greatest inspirations or influences

Nature! Colombian jungles are breathtaking; a mixture of wildness and extreme delicate beauty, it’s a very inspiring contrast. Our pieces try to reflect that harmony, that exact point between two opposing forces that combine naturally to create something magical.

Favorite boutiques in Paris & Colombia?


  • Saïki, for the jewellery selection.

  • Drouot, the auction house.

  • The Marché aux Puces, a bit over exposed but still has its magic corners.

  • Gaetan Lanzani, a house that started in the 1930s manufacturing copies of period furniture and restoration and now is the box of Pandora: 6000sqm of wonderful objects to rent or just get inspired.


  • OqShoes, for their chic and comfortable ballerinas!

  • Top deco, a beautiful house with trendy furniture of various styles.

Who's the girl you have in mind during your design process?

There is not a girl in particular… we think more about a beautiful piece. A jewel you can find in your grandmothers drawer and you and your mother could share. We feel very flattered when we see an elegant lady wearing our jewellery and the following day we see a cool/bohemian young girl wearing the same necklace… beautiful pieces are timeless.

Favorite websites?

Fashion icons in your opinion?

Kate, Vanessa, Alexa,

Audrey, Jackie, Rania, Coco.

Challenges of starting your own brand?

To create an authentic and timeless jewellery brand, loyal to the savoir-faire of Colombian artisans and the Parisian classiness.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Ninunina’s playlist is exquisite!



Clockwork @ Hot Natured Miami 2011

Clockwork @ Hot Natured Miami 2011