The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




Mario Consiglio was born in Apulia but  grew up in Tuscany, Italy. He entered the Urbino Fine Arts Academy and started to work with several galleries straight after graduation. The first one being Guido Carbone Gallery in Turin. Guido was his artistic father and someone who really loved and comprehended the meaning of Art. Another significant meeting was with Alessandro Seno, with whom he still collaborates In 2006 he exhibited in London at the Trolley Gallery, and in 08  he was invited to show his work in Cuba at the Villena Gallery, in Havana. A year later he and his wife decided  to move to Berlin where they are presently based.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

  • Classical artists, like Caravaggio, or contemporary ones like Paul McCarthy.

  • At the moment the main inspirations come from places and situations.

  • Berlin is so full of power and culture and such a permanent renewing source for my creative energy.

Most interesting exhibition to date? The latest exhibition is always the most interesting. The present one, at the Grimmuseum, is very important, because it documents the revolution of my style, of my artistic language and also because it is about my country and above all about the many contradictions that Italy is experiencing at the moment.

Most interesting response to your work?

My work is permanently changing, this makes me feel free. And people react also very free: some get passionate, some get scared, some love me, and some hate me. It's OK.

Dream project for you? A solo show at Guggenheim. As a living artist.

Upcoming projects?

The solo show "I don't need enemies" at Berlin's Grimmuseum. I prefer not to talk about future projects which are not fixed yet. I am a bit superstitious, a bit old fashioned. I am Italian...you know.

Other artists who's work you admire?

Thinking about some of the shows I saw lately:

  • Mat Collishaw, Karsten Holler,

  • Paul Pfeiffer,Douglas Gordon.

Favorite sites/blogs?

Anything else?

peace, love, respect




Lina El Khoury's Blak & Co in Beirut

Lina El Khoury's Blak & Co in Beirut