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Thank you Malika Dalamal from Daily Candy London who shared this great blog ( Sarah Brajovic) with me. I am excited to post this interview with the multi talented and beautiful Sara Brajovic

Sara was born and raised in Paris, lived in Switzerland, London and NY and  studied history in London, piano in Paris at Ecole Normale de Musique and acting in NY at Lee Strasberg whilst modeling with IMG models. She is of  Serbian /Italian origins. Although very shy by nature  modeling happened organically with a snapshot taken by Peter Lindbergh, friend of her father's  when she was only 11 years old. At 12  her parents shipped her off to boarding school in Switzerland. Later in her teen years  she was photographed by photo giants: Patrick Demarchelier, Michel Comte, Guy Aroch, Greg Kadel and Philippe Cometti.

Some of her favorite jobs include a shoot for a swimwear brand in the Maldives, shooting the movie Vaniglia e Cioccolato in Rome, playing the role of the Diabolik comic character Eva Kant, Burberry fashion show when Roberto Menichetti was designing- where she opened and closed the show which was both intimidating and an honour, and a magnificent fashion story for Harper’s Bazaar shot in a French castle in the spirit of Roman Polanski’s movies.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

  • Art+movies+music+ some 80’s 90’s music videos.

  • In particular: symbolist art, art nouveau, street art, religious art,

  • Churches in general, mystics, nuns,

  • Polanski, Bunuel , Bigas Luna, Kusturica and Lynch movies,

  • derelict spaces, street culture, Mylene Farmer videos.

  • Also music is very important , to name a few– La jeune fille et la mort by Schubert, Nightmares on Wax, Bauhaus.

Achievements you are most proud of so far?

Music Academy ,  and staying true to myself.

Upcoming projects your working on?

I  have an incredible need to be creative in any shape or form.

Favorite websites/blogs/publications?

Challenges of what you do?

Sometimes I take on too much in one go but I simply have to do lots of different things at once. Keeps me alive. Otherwise I travel so much so am always in the loop, am quite international and have lots of good friends from the industry so it really is a pleasure to write this blog! Lots of brands have been really supportive at the early stages of this blog so I feel blessed.

Why did you start blogging?

I enjoy sharing my thought and ideas with friends so thought I could do the same with people I don’t know- sharing through visuals with minimum text- a sort of visual encyclopedia. I Love writing and have been keeping avery detailed diary since I was 9 years old. I've  published articles in Serbian Elle and Russian Harper’s Bazaar but I don’t intend to have a lot of text in my blog for the moment. I guess I am very curious by nature and pay great attention to aesthetics – from my home to my clothes and style- my style is quite schizophrenic- one day a total tomboy look- another completely feminine. I would love to consult more for fashion brands and luxury multi brand stores or for lifestyle companies.

I am happy that I have both a strong male and female following- the travel section has proved to be verypopular with the fashion press. So check it out!

Up and coming talent we should know about?

  • Lots of new and upcoming graffiti artists, fresh from the North developing this section on my blog – and you shall soon find out!

  • Fashion brands such as Willow, Sunettes or Ender Legard. Interviews with cool people also coming soon so stay tuned.

Anything else youd like to share with our audience?

Images speak better than words:

Russian Tatler

Russian Tatler

Lina El Khoury's Blak & Co in Beirut

Lina El Khoury's Blak & Co in Beirut

Winning T shirt From Sophomore