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Laura Moser Pastry & Original Cake Design

Laura Moser Pastry & Original Cake Design

Since early childhood Laura Moser, developed a passion for culinary arts that with the years she transformed into a reality. After business studies in Colombia, she enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY where she refined her baking skills. After graduating, she worked for one year at a prestigious catering company before moving to Geneva with her husband. This new challenge gave her the opportunity to focus on the in luxury services industry working for Louis Vuitton. Her passion for baking never disappeared and after 5 years she created her own pastry and cake design business, which she has successfully been operating for two years now.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

  • My family, especially my mother and grandmother. Cakes where always very special for each birthday.
  • In the industry Elisa Strauss, Colette Peters, Sylvia Weinstock, Duff Goldman, Martha Stewart have influenced me, among many others.

Most interesting cake design you have done so far?

  • A DJ console table, it looked very real.
  • A bathtub filled with rubber ducks for a baptism.
  • An opened gift box filled with tissue paper and a big ribbon.

Favorite cake flavors?

  • Banana cake with chocolate buttercream.
  • Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting which I named Cutie
  • Vanilla cake filled with fresh raspberries and chocolate frosting.

What would be a dream cake to design?

Alice in Wonderland cake or a Sesame street theme cake, though I have already made a simple version.

Greatest challenges of what you do?

That my creations not only look good but they have to taste super good as well.

Plans for 2011?

Keep designing and making my creations by always trying to innovate in terms of designs and flavors. And who knows if it might be the year for opening a bakeshop?

Anything else you’d like to share with our audience?

Contrary to what everyone might think, my favorite sweet is ice cream, not cookies, cupcakes or cakes. I had my first child, a daughter this year and that has been a big challenge: to be able to coordinate motherhood with cake designing and up until the moment, they seem to blend perfectly like chocolate and ice cream!

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