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Skye Parrott  at Capricious Space First Love Last Rights

Skye Parrott at Capricious Space First Love Last Rights


FIRST LOVE LAST RIGHTS November- January 2011

Capricious Space is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A sanctuary away from the city’s clamor and strife. Capricious Space invites emerging artists and curators to transform the space according to their own visions and dreams, thus bringing the Capricious generation together. Please visit our website for information on upcoming exhibitions. Capricious Space is located at 103 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

I'm a big fan of Skye Parrott (who weve profiled before) who began her career in Paris, where she worked as a freelance photo assistant, managing editor at Self Service, and studio manager to Nan Goldin before starting on her own as a photographer in 2004.


Parrott’s life had been thoroughly documented until her adolescence, and then again by herself starting at seventeen. But the turbulent period in between was a void in terms of visual record. Following the demise of two key relationships, one with her first love, a boy named Alex, and then of their mutual relationship with drugs, they both went off to rehab and soon after she began taking photographs. From that brief era, she was left only with some vivid memories of particular moments. First Love, Last Rites turns around about a year and a half of her life, beginning when she was fifteen. For this work Parrott asked friend (and sometimes collaborator) Valentine Fillol-Cordier to play her, and with her old clothes and the other people who figured into these memories, she set out to recreate her recollections from these previously undocumented years.

Central to this body of work is Parrott’s interest in the subjectivity of memory. “People choose a few things to remember and those memories become representative of entire relationships or events.

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