The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

My Favorite Robot Records

My Favorite Robot Records


My Favorite Robot is many things actually.

What is MFR, Jared?

It originally started in Montreal as a DJ Duo between myself and my partner in the MFR project, Voytek. We joined forces to blend our tastes together in order to deliver music that we felt was interesting and different from the other stuff we were hearing in the Montreal scene at the time. It didn’t take too long before we decided that our next step was to get into producing music and once that got going, the next step was to start a record label. Fast forward 2 years, now with 30+ releases out on My Favorite Robot Records, MFR has become a solid collective of friends and artists with common passions and musical vision.

I’ve been quite lucky that most of the core artists on the label are all close friends and very talented artists. In a lot of ways, that’s where most of my passion for the label stems from, a desire to help move the music and the careers of all my closest friends forward. It also doesn’t hurt that they are making some of the best music around in my opinion.

Who are some of the label's core artists?

  • The label’s core artists include James Teej who is a constant contributor and has recently released “Fundamental” , a brilliant 3 track ep which shows his range as a musician.
  • Toronto’s No.19 Music crew made up of Jonny White, Kenny Glasgow, and Nitin also play a big roll in the label and Ive been quite excited to work with all of them on their MFR releases.
  • We’ve also been stoked about the new extended MFR family that we’ve added more recently in the likes of Wolf+Lamb artist Michael J Collins, much respected MoodMusic label boss Sasse, as well as Finnish producer Phonogenic who have also been contributing some great direction to our musical output.

How does an artist collaborate with you guys?

To collaborate with MFR you just have to “get it” when it comes to our musical direction. That’s actually one of the cool things about the growth of the label. There are many artists, with many different sounds, and we are pretty open minded about the musical output of the label and open to new family members.

Most interesting collaborations?

  • Probably the most interesting collaboration we’ve done recently has been with Romanian DJ/Producer The Model. For those who don’t know The Model, he is probably best know for his work on DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo Records label and ever since I heard his sound, I felt that he would be a great fit for MFR and also for collaborations with Voytek’s distinctive vocals. So far, we have worked on three tracks together, one is on his Love Songs For Robots EP which was released on My Favorite Robot Records in September 2010, a second has been signed by Damian Lazarus for a Crosstown Rebels Release, and the third has aspirations to be on the next My Favorite Robot artist album which will also be out in 2011.
  • Both Voytek and I also really enjoyed the collaboration with Jonny White on the Desensitize Project. There was a cool vision there to make something that was a little closer to our hearts than any dancefloor and I think we pulled it off quite well. Chloe & Phonogenic took care of the dancefloor business with a couple of crazy good remixes!

Most memorable events?

There have been a lot of great events over the years but I think some of our best and most memorable ones have been the more recent ones…mostly because my memory isn’t what it used to be and its just easier to remember those. But all kidding aside, we actually just had a great loft jam in Toronto for Halloween with Art Department, James Teej, Nitin, & My Favorite Robot and it was the kind of party that just puts a smile on my face thinking back!

Plans for My Favorite Robot?

  • To keep pushing forward and evolving the sound of the label we just signed a worldwide distribution deal with Kompakt and are planning our first vinyl releases for 2011; very excited about that.
  • We are also signing some incredible new music from artists and remixers that we love and we are looking to do more MFR branded events similar to the one we’ll be doing in conjunction with No.19 Music at the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in January.

Tracks and artists we should know about?

Yes…lots tracks cool tracks and artists to look of for. In 2011 we’ll be putting out music from Sid LeRock, also a fellow Canadian who has put out some great music of late, as well as EPs from Kill The Dj Artist Chloe, and a really interesting project from Murphy Jax. We’ve also lined up remixes from Burnt Island Casuals, Michael J Collins, Snuff Crew, and that’s just the tip on the iceberg.

Anything else?

Sure. Let there be no doubt, soon we will dominate you, earthlings! You are no match for our higher intelligence and lack of emotional maintenance. We only need the occasional lube job. Succumb to our power….and enjoy the tunes! MFR

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