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Pop Artist Khawla Al Marri From Dubai

Pop Artist Khawla Al Marri From Dubai


I still can't get over how much fantastic art and how many wonderful artists I was exposed to the week I was visiting Dubai. I love the fashion and pop culture inspired pop art that was featured last month on Harper's from the lovely Khawla Al Marri.

How did you begin?

Im an artist from Dubai  with a B.A in Media Studies and Im currently doing my Masters in Marketing Communications.I started my career as a professional artist this past summer when I decided  I wanted to be recognized as an Emirati artist.

Greatest inspirations or influences?

  • I do love to learn from different artists especially the ones who left a great mark in the Art world.
  • I'm also a great fan of the 80s and 90s.Everything looked different and felt different, music,movies,fashion trends and everything that surrounded me at that time.

Dream project for you?

To create a huge project about Dubai and exhibit it internationally.

Favorite galleries?

These galleries do honor modern and contemporary Art thats why they're my favorite.We also have few Dubai based galleries that do encourage young artists like myself such as Tashkeel and Ara Gallery (which is going to launch in 2011).

Favorite websites/blogs/publications?

  • Moma.org
  • Blogs: bowiestie.wordpress.com that posts contemporary artwork of new artists around the world
  • annamiriam.com. -Anna is actually a friend of mine who blogs about random events,art,society and trends happening in the Middle East.
  • Publications: ArtNews because it simply updates me about galleries and all the new things happening in the Art world.

What do you love most about living/working in Dubai?

Its my home town and I love everything about it.I love its beauty and how diverse it is. You can easily work independently in Dubai,start your own business and communicate with others.

Anything else you'd like to share with our audience?

I'm working on an Art series about an 80's diva named Sherihan who was a performer,singer,dancer,an actress, basically a complete package. She added "charm" to the entertainment industry in the Arab world.

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