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The incredibly talented Erkan Coruh was recently hand picked to present his collection at Spiga2  by Dolce & Gabanna in Milan and was a winner earlier this year for Italian Vogue's Who's on Next competition. I love his work and am looking forward to seeing what he will create next.

Erkan was born in Istanbul on June 26, 1976. After finishing a degree in Fashion Design At The Fine Arts Academy, Istanbul in 03, he won Turkey’s Young Designer Of The Year Award In 2004 and The IAF International Designer Award In 2005. Following his success in Turkey, he  went on to achieve a Masters in Fashion Design at Domus Academy.   It was in 09 he began developing his own brand with a team in collaboration with several artists in his atelier. This March he launched his first FW collection,  “The Men & Women Of Allah”, and his second collection, “Shirin” ( inspired by Iranian artist Shirin Neshat of " Women Without Men"), was presented  at Rome fashion week where he was selected as the winner  for Women's Ready to Wear.

Highlights of Milan Fashion Week?

This year I think Milan fashion week was more lively and fresh; now Milan has turned more towards creativity without losing it's refined elegance and classic milanese style, that's why i am happy to live and work here.

Most interesting response to your collection?

Islam in avant -guard fashion; a kind of synthesis that plays tradition and femininty.

Greatest inspirations/influences?

My God, my angels, my life, and my muse Shirin Neshat. Shirin's style and works have always guided my creativity, especially for the last collection dedicated to her and her beauty. Women in art and modern art, such as Frida Kahlo, have been a great influence.

Dream Project?

To design the most beautiful dress in the world.

Anything else you'd like to share with our audience?

I am full of new ideas of how to combine fashion with other disciplines; working and designing in a more ethical way with a desire to preserve humanity in my future processes. Despite the cliche argument that the fashion industry is hurtful, I believe creativity will always find its value, even amongst the doubts and economic crisis.

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