The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Take Notice- Vinyl Disciples

They're baaaaaaack!!!

2010 was a pretty momentous year for the Disciples, wasn’t it? Mete: “Yes, but it was also the year we sort of split up. Geographically off course. Mish moved back to the Middle East to catch up with OJ and Matos and I are out here doing our thing! The year itself music wise wasn’t so inspiring for us because the whole minimal tech thing just wasn’t our cup of tea.

WMC was a classic rubbing decks with Funkerman, Tom Novy, Sarah Main and a bunch more. Opening up the Formula 1 in Bahrain was a lot of fun as well. The Boston reunion was legendary and a bitter sweet moment. We also  added a new member DJ Matos.

So Matos, what's it like to be a part of the "Disciples"? How bad are they?

Matos: : “Bad to deal with?? You don't know the half of it. I'm always being called Churassco or Cramtos. Sometimes while in the middle of a mix Mete will find it funny to turn off my headphones....  I heard of the them before I joined and it really is a family since it feels like we've known each other all our lives. We all have a deep passion for music and each brings an interesting element to the group. Mete has the business savvy, Mish has the creativity and I contribute with my technical knowledge. And then there’s Kevin “Fitzkrispy”. Kevin’s energy and enthusiasm makes us always want to be on top of our game. All these aspects are very important to any collaboration and I think we do each very well.

What’s so special about Vinyl Disciples? Mete: Couldn’t really pin point it. We love what we do. We are very fortunate. And the friends and fans we have make it that much more special.

What else is new and tell us about Take Notice?


  • Matos has joined the group and he’ll be releasing his first CD on our label.
  • We have our own APP on the iphone and iPad. You can catch up on our releases, tours, mixes, and we’ve added a charts page of general music we are listening to at the moment.
  • and we have the release of TAKE NOTICE, which is more progressive and definitely has that after hours vibe to it. We wanted those flocking to Ibiza and Mykonos to have a CD they could rock once they got back from a night out to keep the night going, and for all those that didn’t get to travel anywhere, we wanted them to have their own DJ at home for  house parties.

Mete: We have a bunch of CD’s coming out this year. Something chill out, some funky stuff, and a little something for everyone.

Collaborations you'd like to do?

  • Sade, Tracy Thorn, Jes, Mooli and Nadia Ali. WOOOW. I have an addiction for their voices. A Nadia Ali track has been on every single CD we’ve made. Except Take Notice
  • DJ’s: The Martinez Brothers, Ned Sheppard and Sultan, Luciano, Chris Lake, Serge Devant, Jose Maria Ramon, Swedish House Mafia, Erik Morillo and Chuck Love

What makes it all work so well boys?

OJ: “You just put 4 really good DJs in a room and let them do their thing. It’s a bit like mixing Arabic, Mexican and steak and it might just be the best meal you’ve ever had. It’s a good recipe. Quite Delicious!



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